May 14 2013 06:35 PM

Low-rider-oldies night canceled at Whistle Stop Bar

Jeff Graves
Photo by Alex Kacha

Sleepwalking, the monthly low-rider-oldies club night at Whistle Stop Bar, is looking for a new home. The series is no longer being held at Whistle Stop, and organizer Jeff Graves has reached out to regulars to see where they want to take it next.

Sleepwalking has attracted a diverse crowd during the past couple years—hipsters in skinny jeans and dudes cruising around in low-riders alike have been known to show up to sway to the DJs' mix of vintage soul, R&B and funk. 

Last year, the night moved from Wednesday to Saturday. Though fans of the night have always been chill, the much busier weekend slot brought in more visitors who weren't familiar with Sleepwalking's format, and some got out of hand. 

"These last few months, there were more people coming that weren't respecting the mix of music Jeff was playing and weren't respecting the time given to the slow songs and old Motown," says Whistle Stop owner Sam Chammas. "And on the bar side, some of the crowd was just being real aggressive and not being respectful of the bartenders and other customers."

Sleepwalking was set to have a final run at Whistle Stop on Saturday, May 4, but it got canceled. Chammas says he floated the idea to Graves of finding a new time slot or venue for the night, but the plans didn't work out. He hopes Graves can find a new home for the night.

"I still hope to work with Jeff again, because he has good ideas," Chammas says. "But I feel like [Sleepwalking] just wasn't a good fit at this time, and we needed a little breather." 

Graves declined to comment on the situation but says he's getting feedback from fans of the night.

"I can tell you that Sleepwalking is not dead," he says in a Facebook message. 

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