May 14 2013 06:44 PM

A glance at some good San Diego stuff on the music-listening platform

Photo by Devin Kiyoshi White

If you run a search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semi-regular column, we sift through the recent Bandcamp postings and report on our findings.

Fur Sure, The Frights: One of the more engaging surf-punk bands to have cropped up in this city recently, The Frights clearly enjoy the licks of Dick Dale but tend more toward the punk end of things. That's certainly the case on "High School Girl," a blistering cut off this new EP that hinges on yelping, reverb-caked vocals and a two-chord riff that cuts like a switchblade. 

Prayer, Misk: Ever the studious electronic-music producer, Misk (aka Aaron Zimmermann) crafts funky beats and bulbous bass lines with the same care as an Italian Renaissance sculptor chipping out a bust of the Pope on a block of marble. This EP of whimsical, tripped-out dance tunes isnít fit for a Catholic mass, though. It's the stuff of a late-night hoedown at Burning Man.

Besides, Rare Rites, and Rewrites, Adam Powell: When he's on stage with his band Adams and Eves, songwriter Adam Powell can be a real goofball. But this 12-track collection of odds-and-ends finds Powell in a more reflective state, playing hushed acoustic tunes—including a lovely cover of Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson's Christian-themed classic "One Day at a Time"—with sweet lyrics and quirky instrumentation.

The Good The Bad & The Lovely, Miki Vale: Hip-hop artist Miki Vale has a panther-like way about her—her rhymes are full of bite, but her flows are incredibly sleek. Though she often tackles socially conscious subjects, she's more personal on this new EP, exploring the ups and downs of love over otherworldly neo-soul beats from collaborators like Iman Omari and fLako.

"Hills / Curves," No Shadow: This four-and-a-half minute track feels more like a sketch than a finished product—the production is a little thin and there's no bass to be heard. But its crystalline guitars and slow, solid beat make it an enchanting listen, and besides, it's been tagged "orbstep." So, now we know what orbstep sounds like.

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