May 15 2013 10:24 AM

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Editor David Rolland made a huge mistake in last week's issue. He credited artist Kristina Micotti for the Summer Guide cover art. The illustration was done by Kristina Collantes. Rolland is super-embarrassed and crazy-sorry.

East Village's homeless

Regarding your April 17 editorial, "Filner's budget cuts are defensible": I am a concerned young professional living Downtown, specifically in East Village, and more specifically, smack in the middle between the hip / retro / artsy / nonprofit crowd and the could-have-been hip / retro / artsy / nonprofit bunch but due to a failure of social justice, they are instead homeless. Which is awful, and most of the ones in my neighborhood have my respect because they treat me respectfully.

What I am worried about is the massive increase in drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes and the guns and violence they'll inevitably bring. Currently, my area is being flooded by police and security (saturation), but studies show this is an ineffective long term plan. Or at least this is what Sen. John Harrington taught me in community-oriented-police classes.

I was puzzled when people told me what an improvement this was over yesteryear. But forgive me, I am from out of town and couldn't have known.

The homeless are here to stay because it's a perfect environment for them. The people in my building care about the community and so do the family business owners and untold numbers of nonprofits within a few miles.

I propose we turn the empty lot in front of our building (a complete eyesore that provides cover for illicit activity) into a community park. Have the city contract with nonprofits to arrange for the homeless to be paid to beautify the area and also coordinate long-term stable living solutions for them, which is what most are lacking and desperately need to thrive. Give them a chance at dignity. With a farmers market, a garden, an amphitheater for our community's art-driven culture and chess tables, we could bring the good people in to stay. And the city could save a ton of money, too.

Think globally, act locally.

Sasha Terrell, East Village

Licking and sucking

About your May 8 "Spin Cycle" column on Nathan Fletcher: In this instance, I think the applicable Proverb is "If you can't lick 'em, suck up to 'em."

Fran Zimmerman, La Jolla

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