Anyone who went to college or partied amid the zonkeys on Tijuana's Avenida Revolución knows a thing or two about pulling an all-nighter. When the exhaustion comes, it's hard to think of anything besides a warm bed or warm taco to send you off to slumberland.

However, some creative types thrive on the all-nighter. Charles Bukowski was known to do his writing in the wee hours of the morning, fueled by large quantities of alcohol.

Some artists will take a page out of Hank's book and create new pieces in one night for the exhibition The Day After. They'll bring their sleeping bags and caffeinated drinks to the Voz Alta Project in Barrio Logan, working on Saturday night to produce artwork inspired by their surroundings. The results will be displayed at the gallery (1754 National Ave.) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 19.

The idea came from Tamara Juan Daffron and Maya Ramirez-Schwarz of the newly created artistic project Movimiento Dinámico. It's the first of a new series of art events called slumber pARTY. Footie pajamas are optional.

Daffron and Ramirez- Schwarz will participate in The Day After, as will Tim Centeno, German Corrales and Sara Kala Ruiperez, among others.

"It's pretty much a locked situation," says Daffron, a native San Diegan. "It's an experiment. We want to stay the whole night so we can do what we need to do. We'll have 12 hours to work. The artists staying here will all be sleep-deprived creating their pieces. It's a different twist on your typical art exhibit."

Daffron says the event will give artists a fresh way to create. It's easy for artists to get bored with the conventional way of making and showcasing art, she says. By changing things up, Daffron hopes to give viewers something new to see, as well as energize her and her fellow artists' creativity. Being stuck in a room full of artists in a neighborhood as culturally rich as Barrio Logan should also get their right brains going.

While she expects the environment to yield some collaboration, Daffron says it's hard to know what will come out of the experiment.

"That's part of the beauty of it, too," she says. There are two things she can predict, however: Everyone will start succumbing to their sleepiness at around 4 a.m., and "no one's going to die of caffeine deprivation."

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