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In the 1984 video for his foray into socially conscious rap music, "Treat Your Mother Right," Mr. T tells us that "there is no other / like Mother / so treat her right." Wise words coming from a man wearing camouflage booty shorts. For those who haven't seen the clip, stop what you're doing and go to YouTube now.

Mr. T raises an excellent point. Good moms deserve respect. But not only does the woman who fed you, loved you and put up with your emo phase warrant constant reverence; Mother Nature does, too.

That's the idea behind Madre, an art exhibition presented by grassroots arts organization Arte Fresca, currently on view at Chee Chee Club (929 Broadway, Downtown) through May 24. For the show, artists including Danny Peralta, Wick Bennett, Hill Young, Sekoh One, Katie Bollman and Chrystal Powell were encouraged to create interpretations of their moms or Mother Nature.

"Some of the people are doing very literal translations of their mom," curator Angela Sahyoun, founder of Arte Fresca, told CityBeat before the opening. "Others are more on the hippie side and taking it on the nature side, which is great and exactly what I wanted."

The idea of a mother doesn't always elicit the same reaction from everyone. That's evident in the works on view. 

Bennett's piece, for example, depicts a monster eating a pregnant woman from the head down. Young approached the project with live art, using geometric shapes mixed with other elements of nature.

Chee Chee Club might seem like an odd choice for a venue. The dive bar isn't anything like a typical gallery. Sahyoun said the contradiction only makes the exhibition more interesting.

"It's a definite contrast between the place and quality of the art," she said.

Crystal Tellez-Giron contributed reporting.

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