May 22 2013 12:14 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Flow partner

4. They might recede

8. Blood disorder that causes fatigue

14. Virtual adoption

16. Bit of hanky-panky, generically

17. Drama about an anonymous soldier who blogs about juicy military scandals?

18. Old actress Renée of "La Bohème"

19. Shallot cousins

21. A studio apartment generally has one

22. Cantonese cooking vessels

25. Comedy about a government takeover that's alternately well-organized and absurdly sloppy?

28. Roadside resting spot

29. Place with spinning classes

30. Connect with, commercially

31. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" author

33. Christmas songs

34. Sitcom that gives the backstory on getting to know a bug?

40. Doesn't permit

41. Japanese city with geisha

42. Significant other

45. "By the way ..."

47. Fine, as it were

48. Reality show in which psychoanalysts compete?

50. Figure (out)

51. "Real Love" singer Watley

52. Broke

54. They may carry out of bakeries

57. Drama about actress Arthur's trip to Asia?

61. Setting of a 1975 "Thrilla"

62. Unrest that may occur after an episode of police brutality

63. De Tocqueville who wrote about the U.S.

64. Some specialists

65. Paternity suit evidence


1. Part of a stress test

2. Kind of restaurant that may charge a corking fee, for short

3. Little bullets

4. Cheshire Cat's expression

5. Putting on airs

6. Unit of electrical resistance

7. "Fear Street" author R.L.

8. Botanist Gray

9. Homer's neighbor

10. Options for those dealing with personal demons?

11. Color for many a ‘70s car or suit

12. Decorate with jewelry, in slang

13. Musical instruction to resume speed

15. Those, in Tijuana

20. Likewise

22. One may be made after blowing out candles

23. No longer duped by

24. Be sure

26. God, abroad

27. Actor Lindo in several Spike Lee movies

29. Sign before Cancer

32. Forecasting term coined in January 1996

33. Gov. Cuomo's purview

35. One with a golden parachute, briefly

36. Abraham's father (and an anagram of HATER)

37. Island where "Lost" was filmed

38. Definitive ring victories

39. Some are made of straw

42. Word before bottoms or party

43. Unconcerned with right and wrong

44. Renovated

45. Twice, Robert Kennedy's assassin

46. Person who just can't get enough

49. Mother of pearl

50. Prepare for a bout

53. French articles

55. 2001 Michael Mann biopic

56. Carrier to Oslo

58. Auction entry

59. Forever, more or less

60. "Death ___ Funeral" (2010 Neil
LaBute film)


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