May 29 2013 10:04 AM

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In our May 15 cover story about rapper Mitchy Slick, Quan Vu wrote that a gang injunction against the Lincoln Park Bloods was issued by the San Diego County District Attorney's office when, in fact, it was issued by the San Diego City Attorney's office. We apologize for the error.

What a shame

Gee, what a shame this low-life thug Mitchy Slick is no longer in San Diego [Cover Story," May 15]. We are much better off. He claims the problem in the ghetto is poverty. How about a culture that glorifies violence, like, I don't know, maybe him—a culture where crime is an accepted way of life, as is living on welfare and passed down to kids where 70 percent of mothers have no father, where 50 percent of violent crime is committed by black males? But that would require personal responsibility—it's easier to blame whitey.

Todd Gilbert, North Park

Get the money out

Regarding your May 15 editorial: When I heard about the current scandal involving the IRS, I thought it made perfect sense that the agency would more closely examine "patriot"- and Tea Party-leaning nonprofit organizations for improper election actions. After all, many of those groups are avowedly anti-tax and anti-government. I'd give them special scrutiny, too. Speaker John Boehner said someone would "go to jail" even though he wasn't sure a crime had been committed. Boy, was he riled up!

But, your editorial correctly pointed out the real crime being committed under the IRS's nose by those mega-PACs that have already funneled millions into election coffers. Thank you for that. As you noted, it's the loophole in the not-for-profit status code that's at fault. The final solution to the problem is simple: Get the money out of politics. Period.

The Move to Amend our Constitution will do just that. Maine recently became the 13th state whose legislature has formally endorsed the idea of this amendment to overturn the effects of the Citizens United decision. This is the most important issue right now. While the last election showed that money doesn't always equal getting elected, this isn't something that can be chanced with; it's our electoral democracy at stake.

Thanks to CityBeat for your progressive stands.

Michael-Leonard Creditor, La Jolla

Budgeting made easy

Regarding the budget problem ["Editorial," May 22] and how to spend anticipated income (national, state, county and city): Look, it's very simple: Go through the year based on last year's income, saving the present year's income for next year's budget, knowing exactly how much it was. Cheese! When do we put people in government who have imagination? I'm not available; too old.

Saul Harmon Gritz, Hillcrest

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