May 29 2013 11:36 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Moore who won a Golden Raspberry for "Striptease"

5. Doctor who started a labor movement?

11. Pitchfork group

14. "Argo" setting

15. Lemon cousin

16. "So that's your game!"

17. Pair of satanic nations, in the bible

19. Ad ___ (extemporize)

20. Valley where the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is located

21. "Thank you, come again" speaker

22. Heavy metal mix, perhaps

24. Cartesian phrase

27. Big name in Japanese semiconductors

28. Lucy Lawless character widely interpreted as queer

29. Part of a Cookie Monster costume

35. Noted Irish New Age singer

38. Pallid

39. One of the original top-level domain name endings

40. Unit at the top of a browser

41. Jewish event that might include cutting remarks?

43. Engage in 61-Across, as it were, or what each of this puzzle's theme answers literally includes

47. Kick to the curb

49. ___ polloi (commoners)

50. Ruined

56. Former food label abbr.

57. ___-en-Provence

58. "Dream Home" channel

60. Enjoy some powder

61. Certain flexible attraction

65. One of Crayola's standard colors

66. Team that moved to the American League in 2013

67. Foil cousin

68. One of the original top-level domain name endings

69. Mr. or Ms. Right

70. Ding in the door, say


1. Poke holes in a plot, say

2. God often depicted as a young man

3. The art of spelling?

4. Mingling with

5. Plasma screen alternative

6. Prepare to shoot, as in paintball

7. Active Philippine volcano: Abbr.

8. Protest

9. Morning ___

10. Tie up

11. December temp

12. Athens sch. whose mascot is the Bobcat

13. Pseudonym in a famous surrogacy case

18. Spinal Tap guitarist Tufnel

23. Without company

25. Like some treacherous sidewalks
in winter

26. Doctor's orders, briefly

29. GOP head in the 2000s

30. Blade that might help move a boat

31. Homer put one on Marge's finger when he proposed

32. Novelist Umberto

33. British thug, slangily

34. Genre for Panic! at the Disco and other bands with long names

36. "Huzzah!"

37. Flat units in a six-pack?

42. Attempted to get satisfaction from

43. Old Pontiac muscle car

44. Seminary grad's degree

45. Lady-parts, slangily

46. Moved, as one's toes during "This
Little Piggy"

48. Take a ___ (try for)

50. Relish

51. Schindler of "Schindler's List"

52. Sense from one's buds

53. Prefix with -glyph

54. Oil corporation based in Irving, Texas

55. Musician Michael who's dated men
and women

59. Common Formula One engine

62. Qualifying ending

63. Put into practice

64. To date


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