June 5 2013 12:29 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1.    Durable textured wall material
7.    Word said while wearing a sexy
cat costume
11.    Thing on a cat's paw
14.    Persist
15.    Currency recently in crisis
16.    Band with a trippy jukebox/
spaceship logo
17.    TV show about a Trojan War hero's early years as a mobster?
20.    Strip on a mountain?
21.    Bond in "License to Kill"
22.    Pacific island getaway
23.    Mostly female punk band of the 1970s, with "the"
25.    Note above C
26.    Director who had to have "Life of Pi" explained to him over and over before he agreed to adapt it?
31.    Bathtub drink
32.    Dr. Eric Foreman portrayer, on "House"
36.    Clinton-era space station
37.    Louisiana sub
39.    Lightning ___ bottle
40.    "Spaced Cowboy" yodeler
43.    Wear the right clothes and such
45.    Clique of cows who totally knew about this patch of grass before anyone else?
48.    Curse associated with Joe Pesci
51.    Scale
52.    Deep feeling
53.    Consumes quickly
56.    Johnny ___
59.    Particularly pisslike cheap drinks?
62.    Put down a dog?
63.    Tree with nuts used in pesto
64.    Puncture with silly-looking cleats, as a lawn
65.    Was in first place
66.    Charon's river
67.    Getting buzzed, say?

1.    Places to seek wellness
2.    "Nip/___"
3.    American naturalization test subject
4.    Team that lost to MIA in the 2013 NBA playoffs
5.    Like some spring days
6.    Like infomercials, often
7.    Remainder
8.    Commercial prefix with -Tune
9.    Wee warbler
10.    Sashimi topper
11.    Spin one's wheels?
12.    Hello, to Ku'uipo
13.    One may be turned in a lot
18.    Lioness profiled in the book
"Born Free"
19.    Like some apartment listings
24.    Jean-___ Godard
25.    "Yeah, obviously"
26.    Electrical impedance units
27.    Prepare, as pasta
28.    "Check," in poker
29.    Insect-resistant plant, e.g., briefly
30.    Sexual partner
33.    It may scoop up baba ghanoush
34.    Nabokov novel about a Russian literature teacher
35.    Sex on the beach component?
37.    Prosecco-opening sound
38.    Strap-___ (sex shop items)
41.    Emulate Steve Vai
42.    Pharmacist's abbr.
43.    Flying disc on the beach
44.    Tech company headquartered in Armonk, New York
46.    Nude cousin?
47.    Danny who wrote the
"Simpsons" theme
48.    Like some Bach works
49.    Authored
50.    Looked at libidinously
53.    Huff
54.    "Down by the River" supergroup, initially
55.    "I'll take ‘Before & After' for $200, ___"
57.    One-named Deco designer
58.    Talked above one's pay grade
60.    "Come on Pilgrim" and "Interpol,"
for two
61.    Prior to, poetically


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