Art and alcohol have a strange relationship. Even the crappiest velvet painting of Elvis riding a dinosaur looks amazing under the influence of the good sauce. Actually, I take that back. That painting sounds amazing even stone-cold sober. So, really, art can be appreciated with or without a drink; it's just nicer to have something to sip on that makes you come up with ideas like "a velvet painting of Elvis riding a dinosaur." Order a drink at these bars during their art nights:

    El Dorado (1030 Broadway, Downtown) will hold its regular art night, Happy Little Trees, on Thursday, June 13. Corey Hurley and J40 will play the tunes while you gawk at art by Ashanti Davis, Pablo Stanley, Junk & Po and others from Art Pulse Art Collective. If you have an extra few bucks burning a hole in your Velcro wallet, you can bid on pieces for sale during the night's silent auction. The Price is Right rules do apply, so don't be afraid to offer $101 on someone's $100 bid. No one will judge you. Actually, don't hold me to that.

    Yeller Studio is back in art-party action with No Tan Lines, a celebration of art, music and, as the event's Facebook page puts it, "good vibes." Check out art from Katherine Brannock, Charles Bergquist, Spenser Little, Bradford Lynn and others in the two-story Community @ Joy building (4484 Illinois St. in North Park) from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 15. There'll also be pop-up shops featuring goods from Edison MFG Co., Bujwah Clothes, Gym Standard and Knockaround and food and drink from Automatic Brewing, Stand & Deliver by MIHO, Polite Provisions, Coffee & Tea Collective and Stone Brewing. A bike valet service will also be provided. Also, make sure to pack your swimsuit because this shindig has a pool.

    Finally, Chee Chee Club (929 Broadway in Downtown) currently has art up on view by Kandice Guzman, Juston Kopels and Matt Webb. Grab a beer and mingle with the colorful clientele.

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