June 12 2013 11:14 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Yank making $30 million for sitting on the DL

5. "I ___ bad, bad thing ..."

9. Horsemeat meatball big box

13. Perino of Fox

14. Recent Angelina Jolie piece

15. Type of line dance from Cuba

17. Velvet Underground ode to an ironic English novelist?

20. Woman of station

21. Corner store, often, in New York

22. Genetic carrier

23. Worthy successor to Ponzi

25. Michael Jackson song dedicated to a prickly conservative/droning actor?

28. Eminem song about a Marvel Comics magnate?

30. Pre-credits words

31. Queer

32. Linux alternative

35. Sailing

36. With 48-Across, Ramones song about how the author of "Blubber" doesn't give a fuck?

39. "Sounds like ___"

42. Writer Kingsley or his writer son Martin

43. Besides

46. Destroy dramatically, as a contract

48. See 36-Across

51. With 59-Across, old Marvelettes tune about the resilience of the 42nd president?

54. Cleaned out

55. "What's the rest of the story?"

56. Bigwig about campus

58. Critic who influenced Ebert

59. See 51-Across

64. "Nifty"

65. Party on sand, say

66. One likely to vote against a strike?

67. Austin music/movie/ideas/etc. festival

68. Soul label with a museum in Memphis

69. Computer image standard


1. They pop up now and then

2. Unprocessed information

3. Name in multivitamins

4. Mailer-___ (bounce message source)

5. Holder heads it, briefly

6. Galaxy competitor

7. Star in the constellation Cygnus

8. "Skyfall" singer

9. Place where people get hooked up at the hospital, briefly

10. Daily ___ (political blog)

11. Main courses

12. Like Michael Jackson when he signed with Motown

16. Key disciple of Buddha

18. Instructional program for many a student traveling abroad: Abbr.

19. Isn't, casually

23. Much-feared (but not actually known to be harmful) Asian food additive

24. Beef

26. Misrepresentation

27. The cerveau is inside it

29. Her "Orinoco Flow" has a macabre role in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

33. Company that invented the ATM and
the UPC

34. Super Bowl at which Eli Manning was MVP

36. Discontinued brand-name lawn dart, familiarly

37. Word on a penny

38. State for which "Animal Farm" is an allegory

39. When much crowing occurs

40. Asian flowers

41. Burden on property

43. Jersey Shore garment

44. Frat standard with the lyric "let's get together and feel all right"

45. Green-lighted

47. Mani/___

49. Golf Hall of Famer Isao

50. Brown bag item

52. Hawks

53. "To Pierre and Brigitte!"

57. Frozen Four org.

60. Brooklyn ___, NY

61. One may be taken after a concert

62. Illumination unit

63. Give poor feedback to, online


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