June 19 2013 09:23 AM

Weve had alot od beer, wime abd cpcktails-we lov you soooo mich abd want you to cone over l;ater


This year's Drink Issue bears some backlash at the surging craft-cocktail movement, starting with Adam Vieyra's whimsical photo illustration on the cover depicting a drink containing broccoli, a bar of gold and a toothbrush, among other things. We certainly didn't set out to knock the movement down a peg or two; in fact, we count ourselves among its ardent devotees.

Still, any positive development can go a little too far, and our special issue has a couple of admonishments—such as D.A. Kolodenko's piece on bitters and Ryan Bradford's quest to find drinkable "trash cocktails," as he puts it. On the other hand, other stories are enthusiastic about craft cocktails, such as Kelly Davis' piece on shrubs—the term for fermented fruit—and Alex Zaragoza's fun take on Fernet-Branca.

Of course, folks don't subsist on cocktails alone, so Jen Van Tieghem and Cody Thompson survey some newish wine bars and summer beers, respectively, and Kinsee Morlan profiles a North County company that's reintroducing mead to a thirsty public.

Drink it in, folks.


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