June 19 2013 12:33 PM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


Two $20 gift certificates to Mitch's Seafood will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to crossword@sdcitybeat.com or fax it to 619-325-1393.

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1. Drug sold as Marinol

4. Overconfident sexists wearing sunglasses indoors, for short

9. Gives resources to

14. Norse underworld queen

15. Copy, for short

16. God, to Mike Tyson

17. Fury

18. Mary-Kate or Ashley, or their actress sister Elizabeth

19. Australian herbivore

20. See the circled words

23. Nightclub or bar mitzvah feature

24. The U.N. might send it

25. California's Santa ___ Valley

26. Peachy

29. Voice of Chalmers and Nahasapeemapetilon

34. Star turn?

36. Get used (to)

37. See the circled words

42. It often gets pumped in stores

43. Certain "First World problem"

44. Frisky, as Frisky

46. Classic Gibson guitars

47. SoCal force with less than fabulous
racial relations

51. Koothrappali on "The Big Bang Theory"

53. Navy recruit's response

55. See the circled words

61. Mission to remember?

62. Nineteenth-century gay icon

63. "My life ___ mess ..."

64. Kept the AC running while waiting, say

65. Studio supporter

66. Kind of card in phones

67. Has a bias

68. Edward whose name is associated
with insurance

69. Bearded ___ (small bird)


1. How the fact that "The Internship" is just an ad for Google is veiled

2. Horse, on the street

3. Split in two

4. Edwin in Dickens's final novel

5. Archaic lab experiment containers

6. Lhasa ___ (bearded dog)

7. Dr. House's first name

8. ___ Blade (token female character in Mortal Kombat)

9. Lasagna cousin

10. Venerable topical treatment

11. Dressed

12. Healthy smoothie ingredient

13. Roe source

21. Candy dispensed in a "Seinfeld" episode

22. Long on "The Cleveland Show"

27. Instrument in some baroque pop tunes

28. They get fired up at breweries

30. Whatever

31. Feel pangs of regret over

32. Nest egg letters

33. Irish carrier word

34. High-profile film nominations, as it were

35. Zero-G drink

37. "What else do you want to tell me about your sex life? Geez ..."

38. Attila, e.g.

39. Stuff at the end of a cigarette

40. Fasten, in a way

41. "L.A. Law" costar

45. Put a face to a name?

47. ___ Paul (classic Gibson model)

48. Pass that leads to points

49. Pope who wrote obscene plays before becoming pope

50. Pictured in bed?

52. Rock on a ring

54. Financial return

55. Polish site

56. Ye ___ shoppe

57. Carmelo Anthony's wife

58. Sign of things to come

59. Tehrani coin

60. "Oh, and another thing ..."


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