June 19 2013 01:38 PM

Drama set in Cambodia tops our coverage of local plays

Albert Park
Photo by Crissy Pascual

Playwright David Wiener's Extraordinary Chambers may not be altogether extraordinary (it's a bit overwrought in places), but it is a tense, contemplative work composed of moments that chill you to the marrow. Like when the bespectacled Cambodian guide Sopoan (Albert Park) recounts hiding his glasses from the Khmer Rouge, to whom reading was a crime worthy of execution. Or when the naïve American businessman Carter Dean (Manny Fernandes) first confronts the horrifying truth about his host in Phnom Penh, Dr. Heng (Greg Watanabe). The impact of these revelations linger.

In Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company's production of Extraordinary Chambers at 10th Avenue Theatre, you become immersed in Wiener's narrative—a story of restless strangers in a strange land—only to learn, just as Carter and his wife do, that the victims and survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime are omnipresent, in flesh or in spirit. Though an estimated 1.7 million people died in the Khmer Rouge's killing fields in the '70s (the number is probably much higher), this incredibly grim chapter in human history remains obscure to many. Extraordinary Chambers (the title refers to a tribunal empowered to bring culpable Khmer Rouge members to justice) is a potent reminder.

Mo'olelo's Seema Sueko directs a committed cast highlighted by Watanabe, who in a previous Geffen Playhouse production of Extraordinary Chambers portrayed Sopoan and here tackles Dr. Heng, and Esther K. Chae, an enigmatic and secretive presence as Heng's wife, Rom Chang. Fernandes and Erika Beth Phillips as Carter's wife, Mara, are less engrossing figures, but how they grapple with the story's questions of loss, longing, moral conscience and guilt is central to understanding why what happened in Cambodia is not a tragedy just for the Cambodians.

Albert Park's Sopoan speaks for the haunted and tortured for whom the killing fields will never be as fleeting as a nightmare. His well-timed monologues and his second-act interrogation speak to the desperation and devastation that the Khmer Rouge left in its wake. His is also this production's most understated and ultimately resonant performance.

Extraordinary Chambers runs through June 30 at 10th Avenue Theatre, Downtown. $22-$30. moolelo.net

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Extraordinary Chambers: An American executive brings his wife on a business trip to Cambodia as that country deals with the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime's crimes against humanity. Presented by Mo'olelo Performing Arts Company, it runs through June 30 at 10th Avenue Theatre, Downtown. moolelo.net

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The Merchant of Venice: Shakespeare's play, about a man who borrows money to court a woman, gave us the terms "shylock" and "a pound of flesh." Through Sept. 28 at The Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park. oldglobe.org

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