This is a semi-regular feature looking at a singular work.

Hanging out at Yeller Studio and LWP Group's art show, No Tan Lines, was almost overwhelming. More than 17 artists brought their A-game to a North Park apartment complex that served as a multi-room exhibition space. Among them was Bradford Lynn, whose work appeared on our cover in March 2012.

His "Celeste" is a captivating, non-traditional portrait of a good friend. She appears to be underwater, wearing a hoodie as a paint-splattered dog swims behind her.

"I was trying to do a piece that represents her," the 26-year-old Chula Vista native said. "She's a very free spirit and eccentric. I wanted to show that in the painting. She's also a very talented artist that inspires me. I wanted to show that in the piece, too. That's why she has paint all over her face and the dog. She gets messy when she paints, so there's a little bit of a story going on there."

Lynn is currently in the planning stages for a group art show with Thumbprint Gallery scheduled for October.

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