June 19 2013 06:06 PM

Blues band performs 'Cotto' in Solana Beach


In this episode of A Trolley Show, we take a detour in Solana Beach where, unfortunately, the trolley doesn't go. But that doesn't stop the boys from The Stone Foxes from performing a lively version of their song "Cotto" before their show at The Belly Up (probably a good thing for the canoodling couple watching, who are probably not even old enough to get into the club).

Despite the sedentary setting, The Stone Foxes' lively, blues-infused performance provides a good soundtrack for the surfers trying to catch the last wave before the sun sets. The friendly camaraderie between band members is especially endearing—can't you see yourself sharing a beach bonfire with these guys? Or perhaps a train ride? Wait—.


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