June 25 2013 07:20 PM

Members of San Diego garage-rock band are going separate ways

The New Kinetics

    After playing together for three years and releasing two albums, local garage rockers The New Kinetics are disbanding. 

    "The band is bracing itself and pulling the brake," guitarist Brian Reilly tells CityBeat via email.

    Reilly and singer Birdy Bardot each confirmed that the band's members will be going their separate ways. Bardot and Reilly are planning to leave San Diego for the East Coast in July, though their destination has not yet been finalized. Reilly says they'll end up either in Philadelphia, Boston, New York City or Portland, Maine. Bardot will be working with a new band called The Roslyns, but Reilly says he has no plans to continue making music.

    He says that the band never had "creative differences" and that "it was always obvious to us where we were headed."

    "We always knew where we were taking it," he says. "But the path became unclear. Once we lost focus, we couldn't get it back, and things got dodgy."

    Bassist Leslie Schulze left the band earlier this year to commit to her new band, Flaggs, who plan to release an EP in July. Meanwhile, guitarist Josh Kmak will continue performing as the frontman of The Nformals, and drummer Jon Bonser is planning to start a two-person blues-rock band. 

    The New Kinetics recorded two albums of soulful, raucous, high-energy rock 'n' roll during their time together: Contact, released in September 2011, and In Stereo, recorded with producer / singer-songwriter John Vanderslice and released in December 2012. The band made some explosive music during their three years of existence, and Reilly says he wants to make just as much noise on the way out.  

    "We were never a call-it-quits kind of band," he says. "We did our best to come into this kicking, stomping and throwing shit around, and that's how we aim to go out."

    The band will play one final show on June 29 at Tin Can Ale House (1863 Fifth Ave. in Bankers Hill). Bardot says they plan to make it memorable: "Our last performance will be a stirring one. [We're] looking forward to bringing the house down."

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