June 26 2013 11:51 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


Two $20 gift certificates to Mitch's Seafood will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to crossword@sdcitybeat.com or fax it to 619-325-1393.

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1. Band-Aid maker, briefly

6. Officer of the future

11. Orientation tool

14. Multiple choice choices

15. Gayle's bestie

16. As (so-and-so) cooks it

17. Brothers on a classic Nick show

19. Media org. with lots of soothing voices

20. Nocturnal emission?

21. Visual

23. Bust

26. "No problem"

29. Likely to fail, as a student

31. Gas from beans, e.g.

32. Send out

33. Racer Protasiewicz or ex-prime minister Jaroszewicz (or a variant spelling of Tchaikovsky's first name)

35. Blended whisky cocktail

41. Like Vikings

42. Roughly

44. Late

48. Half of a series couple

50. Consecutive games between two teams in their respective stadiums

53. Alternative to JFK or LGA

54. Conveyances generally only
ridden downward

55. Blunted swords

57. One gone cray-cray, as it were

58. Coffee shop freebie

64. "Is that true about me?"

65. Jean Stapleton's "All in the Family" role

66. Utah's ___ Mountains

67. Delt neighbor

68. Some stereos

69. Place with mandatory
communal meals, sometimes


1. Slur you just kind of hope won't come out when hearing WWII stories

2. 2012 Best Actor-winning role for Daniel

3. Sarcastic negation

4. ___ Scott v. Sandford

5. Paper inserts in cassette tape cases

6. Gene part

7. Cook's corp.

8. "It's On (Dr. ___) 187um Killa" (Eazy-E EP)

9. Fill up, in a way

10. Simon follower

11. Chinese steamed bun served with dim sum

12. French mountain goat

13. Unit of land

18. Barnes & Noble e-reader

22. Adobe image file

23. Scot's uh-uh

24. Certain hold-up sites

25. Wheel brought to many a party

27. Dwelling

28. Minor quibbles

30. Rumored Xbox competitor from 7-Down

33. Removed the peel from

34. Networking connections

36. Minus signs

37. Spit or swallow, e.g.

38. 2012 Channing Tatum/Rachel McAdams drama, with "The"

39. Lake next to Cedar Point amusement park

40. Warning before a sexy clip

43. Twelfth-to-last word before "play ball"

44. "You gonna let her talk to you like that?"

45. Knob on an amp

46. What alcohol works as, if you drink enough of it

47. Sore, say

48. Counterfeiter catchers

49. Hippie's bus, casually

51. Full-figured

52. Colorful food fish

56. He plays Sam in "Transformers"

59. Craziness

60. Jeremy of a predictably brief media craze

61. Raggedy doll

62. Inc., abroad

63. Surviving Milli Vanilli member


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