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July 10 2013 08:09 AM

Sonny Vincent, Dessa, The Most Hi and more bands were stoked about this week

Cuckoo Chaos

Wednesday, July 10

PLAN A: Palms, Crypts, Sleep Lady @ Belly Up. If you havent yet, make sure to read CityBeats feature in last weeks issue on Palms, a band comprising members of Isis and Deftones who form a haunting super-team of layered post-rock. PLAN B: Archons, Lord Howler, Coda Reactor @ The Casbah. Its not every day that a French death-metal band makes it to The Casbah—or San Diego, for that matter—so if your bones need a good rattling, Archons are the band to check out. But Id be remiss not to mention the other two excellent bands, San Diegos Lord Howler and Coda Reactor, who each bruise in their own unique way. This ones not for the frail. 

Correction: The Archons playing The Casbah on July 10 is not the French death-metal band but the San Diego sludge band. We apologize for the error.

Thursday, July 11

PLAN A: The Most Hi, Ultragash, Feend, Rogerthat, Mateo @ The Void. The name The Most Hi may not ring any bells, but the man behind the project, Santino Romeri, should. A sonic architect behind Illuminauts and Kill Quanti DJs, Romeri is debuting his new project, which he discusses with CityBeat in this weeks Notes from the Smoking Patio. PLAN B: Ugly Boogie, Butler, Kahgoo @ Soda Bar. It used to be commonplace in the early days of MySpace for bands to classify themselves under three completely irrelevant and contradictory genres. But Ugly Boogie is, in fact, a klezmer-bluegrass band with songs about Satan. Its a ballsy mix, but these genre-bending weirdoes go all-in. BACKUP PLAN: The Burning of Rome, Schitzophonics, Zero Zero, Mo Odd @ The Casbah.

Friday, July 12

PLAN A: Cuckoo Chaos, Incan Abraham, Ed Ghost Tucker @ The Void. Cuckoo Chaos tropical-flavored indie-rock tunes have always made for a fun show, but since releasing their first album, Woman, the band has built upon a winning hybrid and expanded it into something even more complex and atmospheric. Whenever that second album surfaces, its likely to be a stunner. PLAN B: Dessa, Open Mike Eagle, Okapi Sun @ The Casbah. Part of the Minneapolis Doomtree collective and a veteran of the poetry-slam circuit, Dessas not just a dazzling rapper; shes an accomplished vocalist, as well. Her latest album, Parts of Speech, is an even more eclectic pop blend, making a nice complement to her powerful voice. BACKUP PLAN: The Heavy Guilt, Trouble in the Wind, Dirty Sirens @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, July 13

PLAN A: Wild Wild Wets, Burnt Ones, Cosmonauts @ Soda Bar. No weekend is complete without a dose of heavy psychedelic garage rock accompanied by trippy visuals. Get your fill of meaty riffs and hallucinatory grooves at Soda Bar, where Wild Wild Wets will make some sweet noise to get lost in. PLAN B: Lil B @ Porters Pub. Read Quan Vus primer on Lil B here to get better acquainted with the oddball MC, then catch the Based God performing a handful of his 3,000 songs, one of which features a guest verse by his cat. BACKUP PLAN: Transfer, Blackout Party, Flaggs, The Palace Ballroom @ The Casbah.

Sunday, July 14

PLAN A: Citizens Arrest, Impulse, Fraud, Disapproval, Crime Desire @ The Che Café. When New York hardcore band Citizens Arrest formed in 1989, they enlisted a young punk named Ted Leo to take on vocal duties. Hes since moved on to become a successful singer-songwriter, but Citizens Arrest keeps on bruising after reuniting in 2010, so brace yourself for a rowdy pit. BACKUP PLAN: Lipstick Homicide, Direct Hit!, The Maxies @ The Void.

Monday, July 15

PLAN A: Sonny Vincent, The Touchies, Dead on the Wire @ Soda Bar. Sonny Vincent was punk before you were even born. The New York City veteran has been dishing out three-chord throwdowns since 1976, when he fronted The Testors, and hes not ready to stop the riot just yet. PLAN B: Chuck Mead, Sara Petite @ The Griffin. Weary of all the faux-bluegrass bands clogging up the charts? Cleanse your palate with Chuck Mead, a genuine, honest-to-goodness Nashville songwriter with country cred overflowing out of his 10-gallon hat. Hes accumulated 20 years with C&W favorites BR5-49 and tops off his classic country songs with a dose of satire. BACKUP PLAN: Idlehands, The Greatwork, Bravecoast, SOLVS, Sound Defense @ The Che Café.

Tuesday, July 16

PLAN A: Mauru, Brad Perry, Snow on Roses, Groove Dux, Natural Killez @ House of Blues. Local dream-popsters Mauru havent been around that long, but theyre already beginning to show some promise with their reverb-heavy tunes. Fans of Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead—and free shows—should check this one out.

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