July 10 2013 08:40 AM

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The amazing Brannock

As a good friend of Katherine Brannock, it was exciting to see her get some well-deserved recognition from CityBeat ["Seen Local," May 29]. The photo was nice and the article laid out some interesting facts about her career.

Reading it from the make-believe perspective of a total stranger (perhaps an out-of-towner looking for something interesting to do in sunny San Diego), I might have been swayed to check out her "whimsically dark… sketchy work." But were I that same out-of-towner reading the larger story behind her amazing talent, I would have made a beeline for her next exhibition— as well as the bookstore.

The story behind her amazing talent is a mind that never stops expanding.

It's the story of a math whiz who daydreams of Fibonacci numbers and their relationship to the Golden Ratio and is proficient in several ancient and modern languages; of someone who finds mythology, sacred geometry and the physics of light and color exhilarating; of someone who believes that youngsters would be better off being presented with universal symbols as storybook protagonists (heroism as a universal ideal) rather than makebelieve "superheroes" that they themselves will never become (because one day they will learn that they really cannot fly after all—just like that Santa Claus thing was fake, too); of someone who sees things in a clear-blue summer sky that no one else sees; of someone who sees in modern America a system for churning out clone-like trainees for the military / corporate / government / medical / pharmaceutical death machine, a machine from which she escaped to tell her tales; of someone whose uncanny knowledge of the human form will someday make her one of the world's most sought-after tattoo artists, no doubt.

Now, if I were an out-of-towner reading that!

So, what I'm saying is, to dwell on details of a book deal and the artist's chosen medium is to miss the larger point of what Miss Brannock is all about. She could blow minds with a stick in wet sand or a bar of soap on a mirror or a crayon on a bar napkin. And then really blow minds with her explanation of how and why she created what she just did.

That's what everyone should know about Miss Brannock. She's the real deal. I do believe a follow-up interview is in order.

Vince Bodie, Linda Vista 

Apologize to Cole

Myrtle Cole at Imperial Barber Shop
Photo by David Rolland

I very much resent your hit piece on Myrtle Cole ["Editorial, May 29]. You should be congratulating her for winning and supporting her ability to represent the people's interests on the City Council.

If she is "in the gutter," you are in there with her, having the most fun of all, jumping around and splashing mud on everyone. You don't like Mayor Bob Filner because he is "prickly" while he's bringing sunshine back into that office on behalf of people like you and me.

You have no trouble with a candidate supported by the Lincoln Club, whom I never trust, and say Cole's supporters were duped. I disagree. They voted for her. Maybe she can start to fill the void left by the departure of Donna Frye. Please apologize to her and wish her well.

Nancy Drew, Normal Heights

No tears for mural

Boo-hoo. Blue Moon's mural has to come down ["Seen Local," June 12]. That the mural is pretty isn't in question, but anybody who pays attention knows that the city has a very strong signage ordinance.

Arguing that the advertising element is "only 3 percent" of the piece is like saying the smile is only 3 percent of the "Mona Lisa." It's still an advertisement, and just because Blue Moon has cool and likable branding doesn't make it less so. If it were MGD or Budweiser or Marlboro, nobody would've even considered trying to put it up in the first place.

Rosemary Bystrak, Normal Heights

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