July 10 2013 11:53 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Having poor taste?

6. John of the Velvet Underground

10. Buy

13. Glue bull

14. Broken up

16. Crossword regular Sumac

17. Podiatric policeman?

19. 1985 Akira Kurosawa film based
on "King Lear"

20. Stuck

21. Musician on whom Gus Van Sant's
"Last Days" is based

23. 2012 Seth MacFarlane film about a talking bear

24. Wrestler with a "shell shocker" finishing move?

27. Marked a loss, in a way

30. Crime Alley-to-Wayne Manor dir.,
in Gotham City

31. Maya Angelou works

32. Get close without being close

34. Honda SUV

36. Six games, if one player loses all six

37. "The eating of omelets is hereafter punishable by death," e.g.? [See byline]

41. Mix-A-Lot title

44. Lust, e.g.

45. Lust after

49. Battery connection

52. Faulkner's "___ Lay Dying"

54. Many a neo-ska group

55. Heated discussion about crabs?

58. 2001 Michael Mann biopic

59. Large sea ducks

60. Of Old Scratch

63. 2004 James Wan horror film that
launched a franchise

64. Sound of fright that lasts all through Hanukkah?

67. Prefix with tard or form

68. Bond market buy

69. Probe (into)

70. Omelet-maker's need (back before
the 37-Across, of course)

71. [The horror!]

72. Thus far


1. Catch the fancy of

2. Cowboy in Simón Bolívar's army

3. Band featuring Rush Limbaugh

4. Jay-Z's team

5. Take, as acid

6. Cult leader's robe, I imagine

7. Bee: Prefix

8. Lakers' local rivals, on the scoreboard

9. Ready for action, in a way

10. Goes for a spin?

11. "Hit up my Yahoo! account"

12. Most evidently just back from a
Miami vacation, say

15. Bobby on the ‘70s medical
drama "Emergency!"

18. Well-dressed fellow

22. "Dog"

25. Hippie's odor

26. Role-playing game player, stereotypically

28. Scratch (out)

29. Got super into

33. Mild movie ratings

35. YouTube clip, for short

38. Thailand, until 1932

39. Fivescore yrs.

40. General who countered the Taiping Rebellion, which was waged over access to sugary fried chicken

41. Prepares for a big purchase

42. Michael Jackson's home state

43. Victory in front of a hostile crowd

46. How athletes tend to speak in
post-game interviews

47. Lessen, as pressure

48. Paperless pass

50. Rapper who mentored
Kendrick Lamar, casually

51. Bird with a wide wingspan

53. Cobbler's measure

56. Only with for the money, say

57. Wee bit

61. "Amazing, right?"

62. Voting affirmations

65. Indian province once colonized by Portugal

66. Seaside ___, N.J.("Jersey Shore" setting)


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