Aug. 7 2013 04:37 PM

Dead Confederate member performs 'Disaster Proof' on the MTS

T. Hardy Morris Trolley Show

 T. Hardy Morris hails from Athens, Ga., and is one of the founding members of Dead Confederate, an alt-country band that's toured with noise-makers such as Dinosaur Jr. and A Place to Bury Strangers. When Morris goes solo, he turns the volume down, resulting in a sound more akin to the dreamy, psychedelic rock of fellow Southerners Deerhunter.

In this episode of A Trolley Show, Morris performs "Disaster Proof," a rolling, sunburned song that could fit into the Neil Young catalog. However, the pleasant harmony between the acoustic guitar and melodica hides vaguely ominous lyrics—images of dirty water, global disasters and sensational news programs add weight to the otherwise light song.


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