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Gayle Skidmore, Boy King and other bands we're stoked about this week

San Pedro El Cortez

Wednesday, Aug. 14

PLAN A: Golden Sun, Polytype @ Soda Bar. There are hundreds of bands with either "Golden" or "Sun" in their name, so don't feel bad if you confuse this Salt Lake City group for someone else. This particular band specializes in dreamy, upbeat indie rock that's more satisfying than most of their similarly named peers. PLAN B: Legs, Voice Actor, Two Day Job @ The Void. If the summer heat is getting you down, duck into the black-painted walls of The Void for a dose of post-punk gloom from Chula Vista's Legs, who inject their reverb-heavy songs with goth appeal. I can feel that weird chill now.

Thursday, Aug. 15

PLAN A: Souls of Mischief, A-1, The.Black.Opera @ Belly Up Tavern. Souls of Mischiefís classic 1993 single (and album of the same name) "93 Til Infinity" turns 20 years old this year, but its chill, crackly hip-hop doesn't sound dated in the slightest. All the more reason to hear the Oakland group revisit their early tracks in person. "This is how we chill, from 93 til—." PLAN B: Creepxotica, Kim Tsoy and the New Sauce, Fisherman and Kitty Chow, King Kukulele @ Bali Hai. The exotic, kitschy and booze-flowing Tiki Oasis celebration begins tonight with a performance by Creepxotica. The kitschy-exotica alter-egos of The Creepy Creeps, Creepxotica don luchador masks and sombreros and take the listener on a wave ride from Polynesia to Mexico. BACKUP PLAN: Terry Malts, Heavy Hawaii, Synthetic ID, Tony Molina @ The Void.

Friday, Aug. 16

PLAN A: San Pedro El Cortez, Slipping into Darkness, Kids in Heat @ The Ken Club. Tijuana's San Pedro El Cortez stir up psychedelia, surf rock and fuzz in just the right ratio to make an otherwise catchy tune just a little fucked-up and disorienting. Their kaleidoscopic, hallucinatory approach sometimes sounds a bit like Os Mutantes and sometimes like classic garage, but it's pretty much always something awesome. PLAN B: Bhorelorde, Midnight Ghost Train, White Mule @ Tower Bar. As a name, "Bhorelorde" is pretty metal, all intimidating majesty and unnecessary extra letters. As a band, Bhorelorde is very metal, sludgy, dark and overflowing with meaty riffs. Horns up! BACKUP PLAN: Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Ditches, Mothlight @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, Aug. 17

PLAN A: Burning of Rome, Boy King, Hills Like Elephants, Gloomsday @ The Casbah. Boy King are celebrating the release of their new album, Masterwhich I reviewed in last week's CityBeat—with a show stacked high with some of the best local bands of the moment. With this lineup, this evening is bound to be a hell of a night. PLAN B: Stalins of Sound, Shiva Trash, Poontang Clam @ Tower Bar. Back in July, CityBeat's Ryan Bradford profiled Stalins of Sound, a campy, noisy, machine-punk band with a penchant for oddball humor and Soviet propaganda. If that's not a good time, I don't know what is. BACKUP PLAN: Upsilon Acrux, Innerds, Molecules @ The Void.

Sunday, Aug. 18

PLAN A: Lungs, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Bhorelorde, The Awakeners @ The Void. Minneapolis' Lungs play a particularly slow, churning, unholy style of glacial sludge with a rumble deep enough to knock your glass right off the bar. Their songs have intricate instrumental passages, as well, but it's the long, slow-motion bludgeoning you'll remember most. PLAN B: Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, El Vez @ Crowne Plaza Grand Hanalei Ballroom. If the Tiki Oasis opening party wasn't retro-kitsch enough for you, stick around for some rockabilly fun from Big Sandy and El Vez, who will do a special tribute to "The King." BACKUP PLAN: Big Bad Buffalo, The Entities, Chasing Norman @ The Che Café. 

Monday, Aug. 19

PLAN A: Ape Machine, Style Like Revelators, Roxy Jones @ Soda Bar. Portland stoner-rockers Ape Machine play a thick, resin-caked style of heavy rock that recalls the halcyon days of Headbanger's Ball and desert generator parties. In other words, they sound a lot like Kyuss. Bitchin'. BACKUP PLAN: Marsupials, Lord Howler, The Night Owl Massacre @ The Casbah.

Tuesday, Aug. 20

PLAN A: Gayle Skidmore, Tori Roze and the Hot Mess, The Smart Brothers @ Belly Up Tavern. The term "multi-instrumentalist" was coined for musicians like Gayle Skidmore, who plays most of the instruments on her records. Even better is her gorgeous songwriting, which splits the difference between folk and chamber pop quite nicely.

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