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In last week's "Art & Culture" story about comic artist Oliver Nome, Susan Myrland reported that all of the employees of WildStorm, Jim Lee's comics company, were let go. In fact, it was just the in-house artists and some other staff. We're sorry for the error.

Gay wrongdoers

I'd like to comment on your July 10 editorial about gay marriage. I have a friend from elementary school who is a lesbian and a college friend who's gay. I've visited people suffering from AIDS in the hospital. I know a young lawyer who died from the disease.

If a person expresses that the lifestyle is wrong, then the ad hominems are hurled in their direction as they are accused of being bigoted. What about the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech? Don't people have a right to their opinions? Canada has restricted pastors from expressing that it's wrong. Christians need to be loving like Jesus. He loved the person but didn't tolerate the wrongdoing. It's like any other sexual wrongdoing, such as adultery, addiction to pornography, sex before marriage, bestiality, etc.

Homosexuality is contrary to physiology, violates the beliefs of monotheistic faiths, is contrary to thousands of years of history and culture, and there's absolutely no empirical evidence as to predisposition or a gay gene. It usurps the will of the citizens of California, and a minority is forcing its beliefs on the majority.

How this choice is made is a complex issue. My friend was molested while selling L.A. Times subscriptions door to door. He struggled with sexual identity and then was encouraged to pursue the gay lifestyle. This is one of several factors. Our society is becoming more and more permissive as it embraces postmodernism. TV is attempting to make the LGBT lifestyle more acceptable (Glee, Modern Family). Songs such as "I Kissed a Girl" glorify the choice. There are people in the gay community who are intolerant and religiously bigoted regarding opposing views as they protest with whistles and obscenities at worship service and beat a man carrying a sign that expresses what is his First Amendment right.

Mark Peter, Solana Beach

Filner is my mayor

Bob Filner is the mayor we elected. He is the mayor I voted for and the mayor I still support. The witch hunt we have been witnessing, and to which CityBeat has contributed, is clearly bought-and-paid-for by San Diego's establishment elites. Details on that to come—maybe too late for voters to know who's financing the recall effort to get rid of an enemy of "civil" business-as-usual.

You never liked Filner, though you grudgingly provided a lukewarm election endorsement, to stay on the safe side. Since then, in the trumped-up furor, you've called at least twice for Filner's resignation. You say, "liberals need to start coalescing around someone else." I challenge you to name anyone with the bona fides of Mayor Bob Filner as change agent.

Wait, how about changeling Nathan Whatsisname, who just became a Democrat after years of service in the most conservative corridors of the GOP—working for bribester Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, for one? Nathan lists himself these days on Google as "Leader / Educator / Innovator" and follows with an inflated résumé and glam photo to match. I cannot understand why, but I think he's always been your kind of guy.

Frances O'Neill Zimmerman, La Jolla

Is it dementia?

Regarding your editorials about Bob Filner: Has anyone given the thought that he may be suffering from some kind of dementia? His erratic and stubborn behavior seems to show signs of it. Let's face it, he is getting up in age. In any case, he should resign for his own sake and the city's.

I never thought I would say this because I supported him and admired his political career before the allegations of sexual misconduct, gift taking, etc.

Frank Bonillo, Poway

Dial it back, boys

If anything can be learned from the Filner affair, it's that what we say, as straight men, matters. A visit to any bar or nightclub is not complete without some guy trying to hit on a female server, bartender or customer using really crude language. The men of San Diego need to dial it back. Drop those words from your vocabulary.

One guy I know who is a regular on the local bar scene got 86'ed from six bars just for crude language. No amount of heavy tipping could save him. When he got a couple of drinks in him and started talking, customers would leave. It's time, gentlemen.

Bob Kay, Overlook Heights

Filner's disgusting

As more details of Mayor Filner's transgressions come to light, what really hits home for me is that he is an embarrassment not only to the city but also to men in general.

This isn't some drunken guy at a bar chasing women, as bad as that can be; it's a presumably sober politician who is so narcissistic that he feels that any rules of conduct between men and women do not apply to him. There are times to flirt and there are times not to. But there is never a time to be disrespectful and behave the way Filner has behaved.

Not only should he resign immediately, but every man who happens to come across him should look at him in disgust because he disgraces us all.

Rob Cohen, Kensington

Avoid the narcissists

The issue of Bob Filner goes further than sexual harassment and bully behavior. It brings narcissistic personality disorder out of the shadows. Narcissistic behavior has become pervasive in our country since many gravitate to public office due to their incredible need to micromanage and be in control.

Filner and other narcissists (my opinion) are incapable of viewing their own behavior as wrong. Only a recall will remove him. But, rest assured, he will be campaigning for a seat on a community association a year from now.

I am hopeful that this high-level meltdown will help educate the public about insidious personality types, who (aside from being employed by them) should be avoided at all costs.

Janet Andrews, La Jolla

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