Aug. 20 2013 07:34 PM

Plus, Drive Like Jehu's Mark Trombino opens a donut shop

The Che Caf
Photo by Daniel Rodriguez

Attention: Jerks. You are not welcome at The Che Café.

The all-ages DIY venue and vegan café on the UCSD campus has long engendered a positive environment for younger folks, and now there's a highly visible reminder on its wall. Earlier this month, the venue posted a large sign intended to discourage disrespectful behavior. It reads, in part, "This is a safe space, regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, abilities or background. You will receive the respect you deserve."

Sledding with Tigers, fronted by Che volunteer and show booker Daniel Faughnder, posted a picture on the band's Tumblr page with the message, "Everyone belongs at a DIY show, unless you're disrespectful or a jerk. Then you should just stay home."

When asked about what prompted the decision to put up the sign, Faughnder said there wasn't any particular incident that motivated it.

"We're just trying to reinforce our place as a safe space in the community," he said.

It's worth noting that the very first statement under the "Event Guidelines" page on the Che's website is "Don't be a shit." "This is a safe space" is essentially a more polite reminder of that.

Mark Trombino, producer for bands like Jimmy Eat World and drummer for long-dormant San Diego post-hardcore legends Drive Like Jehu, is opening a donut shop in Los Angeles. Donut Friend, located in Highland Park, has a menu stacked high with gooey, glazed and sprinkled confections, the ingredients of which are locally sourced. And, lest there be any doubt about who's in charge, all of the menu items feature names that reference punk bands. Options include The Promise Ring, Rites of Sprinkles, Chocolate from the Crypt, Fudgegazi and, of course, the Drive Like Jelly, which is filled with peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Clarification: In last week's Notes From the Smoking Patio, we neglected to mention that Odie O'Connor is still playing drums in Mothlight, even though the band is moving to Los Angeles. O'Connor, however, will continue to live in San Diego.

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