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Best wishes, Marie

Please pass on my best wishes to Marie Tran-McCaslin and best of luck in her move. She must have some very good reasons for leaving paradise! I enjoyed her coverage of the San Diego food scene, a wonderland for those willing to explore. Thank her for uncovering some hidden treasures.

Andre Marc, Kearny Mesa

The immigration bill

While I agree with your June 26 editorial on the immigration bill, I would like to make some comments: To begin with, I feel that the "Gang of Eight" did a good job coming up with a compromise that should be equally appealing and disagreeable to both parties. Their steps to a legal status make sense when one considers that illegal residents broke the law.

I look at it as a way to review immigrants in the same way they would have been assessed if they entered legally. I see the payments that they will be required to make as a fine that will help pay for the costs related to this program. Hopefully, many will earn more and be able to make these payments, as it will be more difficult for employers to take advantage of them. I see the oversight as a type of probation in light of the fact that they broke the law.

On the other hand, if I lived outside the U.S., and I knew that I could make five times the income and have a better life, I may also be an illegal immigrant at this time. I do not make light of their struggle to better themselves.

The problem, however, is that it's become more difficult for the U.S. to absorb immigrants and provide the necessary infrastructure and services for its citizens. Americans now participate in a more competitive economy, and we must do what's best for our own citizens. That includes being selective about the people who enter the U.S.

We need to be practical and self-serving in regard to solving this problem. We need to assess illegal residents, we need to provide a path to legal status and we need to secure our boarders.

Ronald Harris, Scripps Ranch

No more clout

In your July 24 editorial, I appreciate the detail that you provided in regard to Bob Filner's situation.

When a mayor who oversees one of the 10 largest cities in the nation can't be allowed to be alone with a woman, this person no longer has the clout to influence lawmakers and motivate San Diego citizens in a positive direction.

I believe Filner has the insight to lead the city, but this scandal has hampered his ability to be successful. I think it's just a waiting game until he either resigns (hopefully) or is convicted of a felony.

Thanks for covering this story.

Mark Rierson, Bankers Hill

What if—?

Regarding your July 24 editorial: There are no other liberals among San Diego city Democrats.

What Filner did was a misdemeanor. If they take down Filner, we want Clarence Thomas off the bench. Would the women be as repulsed if Filner looked like a lifeguard? Would the recallers put up a million if Filner were a Republican?

Valerie Sanfilippo, Linda Vista

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