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Too many movies

Regarding Edwin Decker's July 24 "Sordid Tales" column about the George Zimmerman verdict: Brave article. Opinion pieces should shake things up. I wanted to turn the page when I read the headline of your piece. I felt a visceral Ugh. But your opinion, it turns out, is painfully true. We've watched too many movies, we Americans. I think the Constitution has been rewritten by the Coen Bros.

Lisa Wright, Temecula

Good for Alex!

Alex Zaragoza's July 31 "There She Goz" column was great! I like your style. I was going to send you a fan letter after she wrote about body image and her nude-modeling experience, but now I've got another reason, as well.

Pairing Bob Filner and teenage fashion—well done. My mother and I have both recently experienced Bob in action. The man has a limp, soft handshake that adds to his creep factor. What people aren't asking is where did he learn this behavior? Who said it was OK to behave this way? Same goes for young women. The less we as a society talk about sex and all its subtopics, the more we will regress. I grew up in the 1970s era of feminism, and I totally agree with Zaragoza's point of view and worry, having noticed men haven't advanced much at all.

Secondly, I've been a life model for 25 years and am pleased that the Art Department allowed her the opportunity to pose nude. I could talk at length on the subject, but I just wanted to say, "Good for Alex!" She's a good writer, and I look forward to reading more of her work. 

Ginger Rosser, Point Loma

Ciclos traffic

Regarding your Aug. 14 editorial about the CicloSDias bicycling event held on Aug. 11: Obviously the event was refreshing and a lot of fun for participants. However, as a longtime resident of South Park, I must point out a serious error in the execution of the event:

It appears to me that the people who planned the route don't live in the area, at least not in that part of San Diego. Vehicle traffic that needed to cross through the car-free route had only three places where doing so was permitted: Landis Street at Grim Avenue, 30th Street at Redwood Street and 30th Street at Broadway. Because a large area of North Park, South Park and Golden Hill along the route is boxed in by freeways to the south and east and the golf course on the west, the lack of vehicle crossings caused some serious traffic issues. 

A driver wanting to get from the 3000 block of Juniper Street to the 2900 block of Juniper had to cross 30th at Redwood then drive all the way around the golf course (Pershing Drive and either Golf Course Drive or A Street). There are no side streets that directly connect 2900 Juniper to 2900 Redwood. East of that point, there are no side streets that connect 3000 Juniper to 3000 Broadway because of a canyon. If there had been a provision to cross 30th at either Juniper or Grape Street, this problem could have been avoided. 

Another option would have been to have the northern part of the route bend to the west and end up in Morley Field rather than east to Cherokee Point Elementary School. The Landis Street bridge over Interstate 805 is an important route of ingress and egress for thousands of residents. It should not have been part of the event. 

The CicloSDias organizers did not solicit input from area residents before the event; nor have they provided any obvious means of giving this kind of constructive feedback. I have passed my concerns on to Councilmember Todd Gloria. I hope the word gets to the CicloSDias organizers. A few changes to traffic control or the route could make a future even go more smoothly. Thanks for providing a place for me to voice my concern. 

David R. Voth, South Park 

‘Wondrous words'

I don't know what this Ed Decker guy's problem is, but the loss (temporary or not) of his column is our gain if we get Aaryn Belfer in exchange. You need to do whatever it takes to keep this woman's wondrous words flowing forever. She's the bee's knees.

Jean Loring, La Jolla

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