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Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. What bread is stuffed with?

6. Design detail

10. 2011 role for Chris Hemsworth as Odin's son

14. Offer a heads-up

15. "Ahoy, friend"

16. Get it on, as it were

17. Staunch opponent of Burning Man's setting?

19. It's not quite all the way

20. Dwindles, as a mob

21. Crazy Horse's tribe

23. Wheels

24. Mr. Solo

25. April payment in the place where crabs and herons live?

26. Goes quick

28. Fuel derived from petroleum, e.g.

30. Risk the ___ of

31. Some fancy shoes

33. Palindromic protagonist of the 2013 Disney film "Frozen"

34. Signed off on

35. Book about how it would be great to stop being nomadic and farm the prairie?

39. Its second-ever video was for
Pat Benatar's "You Better Run"

42. "At Last" songstress James

43. Craft for the ultra-rich

47. Co-founder of the Smashing Pumpkins with Corgan

48. State since ‘48

51. Guilty, e.g.

52. Farmer who took a wife, in a song?

54. Sheep's hangout

56. Torah's home

57. New Orleans bluesman in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

58. Radial alternative

60. Look too long

61. "Narrow land is grand" and
"So what if it juts?"?

63. "NYPD Blue" actor Morales

64. Advantage

65. The first mes

66. Fires

67. Smidgens

68. Sensible car, perhaps


1. Technology that I guess has outed me as a robot because I always get it wrong

2. Words of compulsory tribute

3. Syndicated, as "Seinfeld"

4. ___ Mawr College

5. Herb collection for baking?

6. ___ Malwae-Tweep
("Parks and Rec" character)

7. School where Salk developed
the polio vaccine

8. Nose neighbor

9. "Sweet" woman of soft rock

10. Letter-shaped clamp

11. "Hamlet" character who doesn't die

12. How manic pixie dream girls often
do things

13. Chilled

18. Romance novelist Tami

22. Huge collection of stars

25. Courier New, e.g.

27. Soak (up)

29. Yemen's capital

32. Carriage with runners

36. When photographs for nursing home brochures are often shot

37. Humblebragging reply

38. One place to get water

39. Reference key on the piano

40. Maria ___ (common name in
European royalty)

41. "Les Misérables" hero

44. Picked up at the lost and found, say

45. Noted Venezuelan wedding dress designer

46. Goes up against

49. GOP bogeymen

50. Jet name

53. Slow Sri Lankan lemur

55. Droppings from a butt

58. The Cowboys' city, familiarly

59. Actress Daly who was probably not named after Newcastle's river

62. Smartphone predecessor


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