Sept. 4 2013 07:12 PM

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 ‘Open season'

It always amazes me when Caucasians feel that they know what's good for black people—actually, people in general, as evidenced with the Native Americans, Asians and Latinos who come to this country and have a "caretaker" look out for their best interests. But for the purpose of this letter, we can stick to black folks.

Your "Sordid Tales" column in the July 24 edition of CityBeat is full of shit. That's the best way to explain it. It has been open season on black lives in this country lately, and this kind of fluff will only make it worse.

Perhaps the DAs that tried the George Zimmerman case were not the ideal barristers, but the case of his murdering Trayvon Martin was solid: 1. He stalked him, contrary to the 911 operators' instructions. 2. Upon coming into contact with Martin, he didn't say anything about being the "Neighborhood Watch captain." For all intents and purposes, he stood there and let Martin vent about not wanting some "creepy cracker" following him. 3. As far as the cries for help, interesting that they stopped as soon as the shot rang out. If someone was kicking your ass the way he said, do you think that you would have the ability to disregard the pain and go for your gun? I think not, but that is just my opinion.

If the situation were reversed and Trayvon had the gun (and just for shits and giggles, let's say he was licensed to carry it), he would be looking at life in prison at best and the death chamber at worst. Don't believe me? Ask someone black how they feel about the case. 

Zimmerman took a child's life. Let's see what happens with his next act.

Christopher Wafer, East Village

Degrading women

I'm grateful for CityBeat's focus on sexism in the July 31 issue—the Editor's Note, Spin Cycle and smart and sassy Alex Zaragoza added noteworthy comments on Filner's ridiculous escapades. Sexism in the workplace and elsewhere diminishes us all, it's true. 

And then, flipping to the end of the publication, I see advertising what feels absurd, too. Do other women out there feel that? In some aspect, isn't the posing rather degrading to women? Yeah, I get it nice bodies. Why harbor these ads? What are you teaching the young teens whom Zaragoza alludes to? 

Shirley Fenile, North Park

Decker and Belfer

If you have to allow Edwin Decker an undeserved hiatus from his journalistic responsibilities, you couldn't have done better than with Aaryn Belfer's ode to going commando ["Backwards & in High Heels," Aug. 7]. 

Although I can't comment on the benefits of doing so personally, I once knew a woman who rose from the Irish ghetto of Philadelphia to become a successful doctor despite her obvious beauty and brains—all due to her endearing habit of going sans les panties. It also facilitated a much more efficient rendezvous in the Macy's changing room if memory serves me. 

In general, I find Decker's columns to be like a cold shower after a night of partying—intellectually refreshing and sobering, his July 24 Zimmerman-trial observations especially so. He hasn't commented on the Filner debacle yet, but I've followed your editorials with mixed feelings. I can certainly sympathize with those who called for his resignation, given that he has admitted to being a direct descendant of our Neanderthal cousins, but as Don Bauder has pointed out in the Reader, the suddenness of the allegations raised some important questions.

Sean Jewitt, Rancho Cucamonga

Editor's note: Decker comments on Filner here. 

More Belfer, please

Please consider hiring Aaryn Belfer full time as a columnist!

I have so loved her last two columns and I was thrilled to find her work. Then I found out she was only a very temporary replacement for Edwin Decker and was so disappointed.

I don't know how these things work, but if she is available and you have the space, I'd love to see her tight, funny and engaging writing on a regular basis.

Carolyn Kurle, Encinitas


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