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Larry and His Flask, Barbarian, Tobacco and other bands we're stoked about this week

The Weirdos

Wednesday, Sept. 4

PLAN A: Jori and the Push, The Phantoms @ Tin Can Ale House. Seattle's Jori and the Push are, put simply, badass. They've got riffs galore, some cool stoner-rock grooves and a singer with serious rock swagger. Imagine Queens of the Stone Age with female vocals and you more or less get the idea. PLAN B: Café Tacuba @ Humphreys Concerts by the Bay. For 24 years, Mexico City's Café Tacuba have been fusing rock with dance music and psychedelic pop in an ever-evolving, continuously fascinating sonic soup. And while they're not terribly prolific, essentially every one of their albums is entirely different from the next, which makes for some unpredictable fun. BACKUP PLAN: Dancing Strangers, Clear Black, Phantom Ratio @ The Casbah.

Thursday, Sept. 5

PLAN A: Barbarian, Is/Is, Oh Spirit, Jara [101181] @ Soda Bar. Local psych rockers Barbarian are returning from a tour with Bat for Lashes. Unfortunately, they didn't bring the art-pop diva back with them for a show here, but that's OK, because there are plenty of reasons to be stoked about Barbarian bringing their heady, swirling dream pop back home. BACKUP PLAN: Cult Vegas, Desolators, Gone Baby Gone @ Tin Can Ale House.

Friday, Sept. 6

PLAN A: The Weirdos, Widows, No More Saints, Schitzophonics, Records With Roger @ The Casbah. L.A. punks The Weirdos made a name for themselves with their breakthrough single, "We Got the Neutron Bomb." Thirty-five years later, they're still good for some rowdy, old-school punk destruction. PLAN B: Nihilist, Red Wizard, Great Electric Quest @ Shakedown Bar. There are a lot of bands named Nihilist, pretty much all of them metal, so let me help clarify: It's not the Macedonian group, or the Bulgarian deathgrind band, or the Swedish death-metal band that became Entombed. This is the Nihilist from Carlsbad, they play party-animal thrash metal, and they rip. BACKUP PLAN: Diatribes, Champ, Lost Ships, Voice Actor @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, Sept. 7

PLAN A: The Tree Ring, Sara Watkins, Tiny Telephones @ The Irenic. Earlier this year, The Tree Ring performed a show attendees could only get to by hiking to it. This one, however, is much more conveniently located—just a short walk from wherever you find parking—which is good, because you wouldn't want to miss out on their lush, indie-folk gems. PLAN B: Murder by Death, Larry and His Flask, The 4OntheFloor @ The Casbah. Read Joshua Emerson Smith's story about rowdy folk-punk act Larry and His Flask, who are sure to get feet stomping just before gothic alt-country act Murder by Death close the night with some twangy gloom. BACKUP PLAN: King Dude, WL @ The Void.

Sunday, Sept. 8

PLAN A: Tobacco, Zackey Force Funk, Mystery Cave, Illluminauts @ The Casbah. As a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Tobacco makes some fucked-up synth-pop mischief. And as a solo artist, he pretty much does the same thing, which is fine. If you've got a good, twisted thing going, why mess with it? PLAN B: Skrapez, DJ Pound, DJ Collagy, Dayfade @ Kava Lounge. Forget gangsta rap or Odd Future's comically absurd revenge fantasies—you wanna hear some fucked-up hip-hop? Then check out Skrapez. The duo of Psychopop and Tenshun bring a noisy, doom sensibility to their instrumental hip-hop sound, creating something dark and ominous that still bumps. Let's call it "doom-bap." BACKUP PLAN: Beta Lion, Sahab @ Soda Bar.

Monday, Sept. 9

PLAN A: S, Night Cadet, Mariel @ Soda Bar. The remarkably un-Google-able S is better known to some as Jenn Ghetto of Seattle indie rockers Carissa's Weird. As S, however, Ghetto performs low-key, emotional indie pop that recalls early Liz Phair with more electronics or The Spinanes—with more electronics.

Tuesday, Sept. 10

PLAN A: Broncho, Mozes and the First Born @ The Casbah. Tulsa, Okla.'s Broncho do drunken, badass debauchery right, with rowdy shout-along tunes about picking fights and record stores. Sounds like fun, right? It sure is. PLAN B: Turquoise Jeep @ Soda Bar. I've got four words for you: "Lemme smang it, girl." If you need a little more info than that, check Peter Holslin's feature on Turquoise Jeep, published in CityBeat back in May, to get a primer on this hip-hop group and YouTube sensation. They've got dance moves and double entendres for days. BACKUP PLAN: Gold Fields, Rush Midnight @ El Dorado.

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