Sept. 4 2013 05:05 PM

X Factor runner-up performs 'The Remedy' on board the MTS

Josh Krajcik trolley
Labor Day is the nail in Summer's coffin. The days seem to get exponentially shorter, kids go back to school, and your jorts go back in the safe—it's time to sing the blues.

Fortunately, Josh Krajcik has a voice that makes those sad tunes soar. Soulful, thick, and dripping with heartbreak, he instills the same kind of emotional weight into his music that old-school country singers did, back in the days when they wrote songs while incarcerated.

In this episode of A Trolley Show, Krajcik performs "The Remedy," a break-up song so sad that it would bum Morrissey out. But his voice is so striking, it's no wonder that he impressed Simon Cowell enough to make it to second place on the talent-search reality show The X Factor.


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