'Precarious' by Ben Darby

Moving is a total bitch. After hours of lugging heavy boxes onto a moving truck, you begin to hate yourself for owning too much stuff. It's often in these moments when you decide to part with things you previously thought you could never live without.

Ben Darby and his family are in that boat. The artist's landlord decided to sell the home they're currently living in, which also serves as Darby's studio. They have until October to find new digs.

As a result, Darby is selling his vast collection of original artwork.

"I have 150 to 200 pieces everywhere," says Darby, 44, who exhibited a collection of odd, abstract family portraits at Pulse Gallery earlier this year.  "I've been pulling them out of storage, attics, sheds... After shows, certain pieces don't sell, so I store them. So, it's an eclectic mix."

That's an understatement. Darby's collection is all over the map.

There are beautiful paintings of bright Hawaiian flowers, paintings of penises created for an erotic-art exhibition, bloated toys housed in giant glass jars and stuffed animals ripped into pieces that serve as a canvas for images of Chinese iconography. There's also more traditional abstract art. What the pieces have in common is an interesting perspective and an element of whimsy.

Interested buyers can check out the art for sale at Darby says folks can practically name their price, so long as it's fair.

"It hard to let go, but it's like with children—you have to find a good home for them," he says.

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