Sept. 11 2013 05:14 PM

Singer / songwriter performs 'Watering Hole' on the MTS

Missy Higgins

We hate quote The Joker here, but c'mon, blues-rock bands: Why so serious? Just because you've burdened yourselves with the unfortunate decision to appropriate Depression-era clothing (and hygiene), that doesn't mean you have to bum us out. 

Missy Higgins isn't solely a blues-rock artist, but her performance of "Watering Hole" on the SDMTS is effortless and, well, cool. Although the tune sounds like a chain-gang worksong—complete with the dry-mouthed refrain of the song's title—the members of Higgins' chorus look like they're having a lot of fun clopping out the rhythm with ju ju cluster shakers.


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