“Hadrian” by Scott Zagar

The thing about a piece of art is that it's not always something you want to bring into your home. Like a vampire, you have to invite it in knowing that it's going to be there and transform everything that surrounds it. This is why I was excited about Scott Zagar's exhibition of new paintings, currently on view at Glashaus (1815 Main St. in Barrio Logan) through Nov. 1.

The collection of large-scale, diamond-shaped paintings and color field oil paintings on canvas are beautiful and accessible—the kind of pieces that can bring a room together.

The diamond series consists of 42- and 72-foot aluminum diamonds featuring colorful geometric patterns. He began that series in 2010 while living in Berlin.

The color field paintings are large canvasses that, from afar, appear to be a solid hue. However, as you step closer, you see layer upon layer of texture and depth of color. They're inspired by old Italian architecture, which often bears centuries' worth of paint jobs.

"I think it's really interesting because, looking at these really old buildings, I can really feel a sense of time and history," Zagar says during a visit to his studio at Glashaus, "like the old castles in Rome where Emperor Hadrian was buried. It's, like, many centuries old, and you can really get a sense of the time, and I think it's really beautiful."

You can visit Zagar and his art on Saturdays or by appointment, or stop by Glashaus during regular hours. 

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