Sept. 24 2013 07:09 PM

Tropical Popsicle, Lapalux, Man Man and all the other bands we're stoked about this week

Toro y Moi
Photo by Andrew Paynter

Wednesday, Sept. 25

PLAN A: Tropical Popsicle, Jeans Wilder, DJ Junior Hernandez @ Soda Bar. The misleadingly named Tropical Popsicle is one of this city's most reliably awesome noise-pop bands, and they headline a free night of rocking that also features fellow local guitar slingers Jeans Wilder. Hard to pass that up. PLAN B: Blouse, Feathers, Hand of the Hills @ The Void. Blouse began as a synth-based group, but on their second album Imperium, they swapped out their Moogs for guitars, and the result is some darkly gorgeous post-punk. BACKUP PLAN: Jail Weddings, The Hollerin, Badabing @ The Casbah.

Thursday, Sept. 26

PLAN A: Woods, The Fresh & Onlys, Jessica Pratt @ The Casbah. Brooklyn's Woods are possibly even more famous for launching the Woodsist label—which has released records by the likes of Kurt Vile and Real Estate—than they are for their own records. Those records, however, are chock full of jangly, psychedelic goodness, with catchy melodies to boot. BACKUP PLAN: Joanie Mendenhall, Tide Pools, The Midnight Pine @ Tin Can Ale House.

Friday, Sept. 27

PLAN A: Youth Code, Night Sins, Innerds, Sunwheel @ The Void. In the 1980s, before Trent Reznor made the genre a household name, industrial music was synonymous with nightmarish intensity and minimalist synthesizer arrangements. Los Angeles duo Youth Code are young, but they recapture the sound of early Wax Trax! bands via gothic atmosphere and menacing beats. PLAN B: Blue Sky Black Death, Sister Crayon, East of Sweden @ Soda Bar. Their name evokes something much more ominous and sinister, but Blue Sky Black Death have made a career out of hazy, textured hip-hop production, both for some big-name emcees and as instrumentals. End your week with some solid but hallucinatory beatscapes. BACKUP PLAN: Islands, Bear Mountain, Red Pony Clock @ The Casbah.

Saturday, Sept. 28

PLAN A: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jackson Scott @ The Casbah. New Zealand-by-way-of-Portland psych-pop group Unknown Mortal Orchestra does acid-laced freakouts on a compact, warm and fuzzy scale. It's a kind of weird that feels nice and comfortable. PLAN B: The Styletones, Creepy Creeps, Blackout Party, Barbarian @ Adams Avenue Street Fair. The Adams Avenue Street Fair kicks off this weekend with 11 hours of music on seven different stages, and with that much talent in your backyard for free, there's no reason not to stop by for at least a few hours, especially with bands like The Styletones, Barbarian and Ed Ghost Tucker on the stage. BACKUP PLAN: Jungle Fire, DJs Question, Charlie Rock, Marsellus Wallace @ Seven Grand.

Sunday, Sept. 29

PLAN A: Lapalux, Natasha Kmetko, Illuminauts @ The Void. Affiliated with Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder record label, Lapalux specializes in glitchy, warped electronics that shed light on the soulful side of IDM. Apparently, it exists! PLAN B: The Donkeys, Big Black Delta, Low Volts, Wild Wild Wets @ Adams Avenue Street Fair. The second day of Adams Avenue Street Fair wraps up a little bit early, so there's plenty of time to catch either Plan A or the Backup Plan on Sunday. Still, the lineup is pretty killer, so grab a falafel and catch some local jams before you go out for the night. BACKUP PLAN: Sirhan Sirhan, Archons, Batwings @ The Casbah.

Monday, Sept. 30

PLAN A: Vampire Weekend, Sky Ferreira @ Open Air Theatre. See our feature on New York indie-pop heroes Vampire Weekend, who are headlining some pretty massive venues. In the course of six years, they've undergone an impressive maturation into a sophisticated, excellent group of songwriters. PLAN B: Man Man, Xenia Rubinos @ The Casbah. Man Man recently ended up on a segment of Anderson Cooper 360, to talk about their new song "End Boss," which is about a wolf that eats babies and drinks vodka. Here's the punch line: The wolf character was inspired by Wolf Blitzer. Now, you can't tell me you don't want to go hear Tom Waits-style bark-along tunes and songs about a very literal Wolf Blitzer. 

Tuesday, Oct. 1

PLAN A: Toro y Moi, Vinyl Williams @ Belly Up Tavern. Remember "chillwave"? Of course you do—three years later, we're still laughing about how ridiculous it is. Yet, despite initially being lumped in with the 'wavers, Toro y Moi has progressed impressively as a songwriter, and his new album, Anything in Return, is full of upbeat R&B jams. BACKUP PLAN: Allah-Las, Jacco Gardner, Barbarian @ The Casbah.

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