Sept. 24 2013 07:37 PM

San Diego rockers will release a string of tracks during the next eight months

The Palace Ballroom

The Palace Ballroom are gearing up for a productive season of new releases.

Last December, the local rockers—who began as the solo project of singer / songwriter Timothy Joseph—released their debut album, This is the Plan. But rather than follow that album with another full-length set right away, the band is planning to release around a half-dozen singles—one at a time—in order to maintain a steady drip of new music. The first single in the series is "Descender," which will be available Oct. 1 in digital format.

Joseph says in an email that part of the idea behind doing a series of singles instead of immediately leaping right into recording an entire album in one sitting is to ensure that each song meets their satisfaction before they're ready for people to hear it. 

"The one-song-at-a-time approach really allows us to focus on being able to put our best material forward and record it as it progresses," he says. "This process also allows people to listen to what the band is doing and how we are evolving in a very real-time format."

Joseph also says that part of the motivation is to offer music in a more affordable format.

"The idea is that if a person likes it enough, they usually won't hesitate to go to iTunes and spend 99 cents to download it into their device," he says.

The next single hasn't yet been scheduled, though the band plans to issue five or six in an eight-month span. After that, Joseph says, they'll most likely record a few extra tracks to eventually compile and release as an album on vinyl. 

"Hopefully, if the singles have built us a big enough audience, we might actually be able to sell some records," he says. "Wouldn't that be something?"

The Palace Ballroom will play at the Adams Avenue Street Fair on Saturday, Sept. 28.

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