Sept. 24 2013 08:05 PM

From Paul Simon to Chelsea Wolfe, here's what the locals are enjoying

Chelsea Wolfe

    A semi-regular feature in which we ask local musicians about the music they've been digging lately.

    Ed Ghost Tucker: "All of us listen to a variety of artists, both dated and contemporary, so we'll try to capture that breadth with a few names. Lately, we've begun to unravel Roy Orbison and Harry Nilsson, and Paul Simon and David Byrne are always on our minds. Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela are some of our favorites, as well, as is Joni Mitchell. Of the newer artists, Mew, Björk, Dirty Projectors, Mary Halvorson, Grizzly Bear, Foals and Feist seem to get a lot of plays on our respective music-playing gadgets." 

    Joshua Kmak, The Nformals: "I'm really into garage rock and lo-fi stuff. Les Sexareenos, Harlem, early Ty Segall, Box Elders and stuff like that."

    Steven Perez Oira, Buddy Banter / Mrs. Magician: "I've actually been listening to Let it Be by The Replacements. It's been in my stereo ever since I found out they did a reunion show at Riot Fest. It's been, like, a million years since they have done a show. I'm bummed I missed it because I heard Josh Freese was now playing drums for them. My favorite song off the record is 'Favorite Thing.'"

    Leslie Schulze, The Flaggs: "Chelsea Wolfe—Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs. Her voice is not only beautiful, it is completely chilling, and the arrangements are surprising, yet catchy in a dark and brooding way. It's the kind of record that you put on and your girlfriend tells you to 'just shut up' because she is trying to hear every word and you excitedly can't stop talking about how good it is (true story). Chelsea also just put out a new album called Pain is Beauty, which is seriously so, so good."

    Normandie Wilson: "Koop featuring Yukimi Nagano—'Summer Sun' (from 2001's Waltz for Koop). Not a new recording but new to me. I instantly recognize Yukimi's voice anytime I hear it, and it's really touching me this week. Earth, Wind, and Fire—'That's the Way of the World / Reasons' (from 1975's That's the Way of the World). Sometimes you just need a little Philip Bailey and Maurice White to ease the pain of everyday life, you know what I mean?" 

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