Sept. 25 2013 09:44 AM

The season's best offerings in music, dance, theater, art, film and literature


We think we do a damn fine job of supporting the arts in San Diego throughout the year, but each September, we like to give the town's cultural events a little extra push. 

This year, our Fall Arts issue features Glottalopticon, a unique take on opera at Space 4 Art; The Myth Project: Altar, a provocative dance concert at USCD's equally provocative Che Café; The Old Globe's Romeo and Juliet, which will be staged with the help of the music of cult hero Jeff Buckley; Outside, 57 pieces from the art collection of Doug Simay, on view at the Oceanside Museum of Art; two first-rate movies that open and close the San Diego Asian Film Festival; and poet Manuel Paul Lopez, who'll read his work at the upcoming International Book Fair at San Diego City College. 

As always, we follow each of those stories with a few more ways for you to both enrich yourself through culture and support the organizations that work really, really hard to make San Diego a more enlightened and interesting place to live.


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