Sept. 25 2013 11:37 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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1. Like content from the @Horse_ebooks account on Twitter

5. Nigerian currency

10. Twisted the truth

14. Guthrie at Woodstock

15. Image transmitter

17. Battery unit?

18. Second U.S. astronaut in space, after Alan Shepard

19. Old New York socialite name

21. Big name in synthesizers

22. Jazzy composer of the early 20th century

28. Skeleton opening?

29. Wall climber

30. Certain social networking update

32. Korean subcompact since 2000

35. Big ball

36. Gangster who coined a term on September 26, 1933, when he yelled, "Don't shoot, [67-Across]!"

41. Butt-related

42. Echolocating devices on submarines

43. Minority Leader Nancy

46. Navy noncom

47. Pirate's body?

50. Journalist who published info leaked by Edward Snowden

54. Anthony's partner in talk radio

55. Mail, e.g.

56. Pioneering black sportscaster

62. IV alternative

63. One's home, often

64. It recently confirmed that Voyager 1 has left the solar system

65. Got everything right on

66. Two-time loser to Graf at the U.S. Open

67. See 36-Across


1. Columnist Dan who coined the noun "santorum"

2. What some third-wave feminists identify as

3. Very

4. Car driver?

5. It might be spiked during the holidays

6. "Much ___ About Nothing"
("Simpsons" episode)

7. Announcement from an invisible friend?

8. Scrupulousness

9. Perpendicular to this answer

10. Claypool of Primus

11. Recent Tea Party targeter

12. Socialist Bolivian president Morales

13. One to the left on the Hill

16. When horror movie scenes are generally set

20. Washington football team QB, to fans

23. "___ Almighty"

24. Eddies' cousins

25. They may be garnished

26. Emphatic type: Abbr.

27. Invalid

31. "Hey, I've been wanting to bring this up ..."

32. One of the lesser Kardashians

33. Billy Joel's "___ to Extremes"

34. Dope quantity

36. Chart (out)

37. Rare blood type: Abbr.

38. Give a ring

39. Kitten's scruff

40. Stockholm currency

44. Frenches, in England

45. Enters, as data

47. Hype man for the titular dish in "Green Eggs and Ham"

48. Kid's book character whose portrait hangs in the Plaza Hotel

49. Mrs. Rocky Balboa

51. Easy putt

52. Skywalker, e.g.

53. Squeeze the juice from, with "out"

56. Model Carangi played by Angelina Jolie in a biopic

57. "___ Builds Levee Out Of Poor People To Protect Convention Site"—The Onion

58. First lady?

59. H.S. equivalency exam

60. South Africa-to-Egypt dir.

61. Some capts.-to-be


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