Sept. 25 2013 05:01 PM

San Diego duo performs 'Shortbread' on the MTS


Sometimes it seems that two-piece blues-rock bands are like the heads of the mythological hydra: Remove one and two more take its place. However, that we're knee-deep in dirty-rock duos doesn't mean they're all bad. For example, look no further than San Diego's Little Hurricane.  

In this episode of A Trolley Show, Anthony Catalano and Celeste Spina don't overcompensate for their lack of bandmates by upping the volume (a typical trait of two-piece duos); instead they opt for Afghan Whig-like sleaze on the track "Shortbread." There's a refreshing undertone of menace to the song, which is only alleviated by the whimsy of Spina's homemade suitcase / bass drum.


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