Soft Lions

    There's a new psychedelic-rock band in town, and it features some familiar names in San Diego music circles.

    Last week, a Facebook page was launched for a group called Soft Lions, a self-described "moody psychedelic post-riot-grrrl noise" band, fronted by guitarist and vocalist Megan Liscomb, who also sings for bluesy rockers Boy King. In a Facebook chat, Liscomb says she started the project on her own, but after writing some new songs, she sought out other musicians to build on them.

    "We got together recently, basically within the last couple weeks," she says. "I've been writing songs on guitar and recording myself in my room, but I wanted to find some cool people who can help me flesh my songs out."

    The band also features drummer Jon Bonser, formerly of the defunct The New Kinetics, and keyboardist / vocalist Lex Pratt, a current member of Marco Polo and former keyboardist for Wild Wild Wets. Liscomb explains that Soft Lions seek to create a sound that takes a few more creative detours than what listeners might be used to.

    "We're interested in making somewhat experimental music that still draws heavily on a garage / psych aesthetic," Liscomb says. "I'm interested in songwriting that gets outside of conventional structures and exploring relationships in ways that are hopefully more interesting and real than the cliché girl-band songs about wanting a boyfriend or whatever."

    Soft Lions recently entered the studio to record their first EP, No Peace, which is tentatively scheduled for an October release. And though the band doesn't have any shows lined up, they plan to book some soon.

    Soft Lions have launched a Tumblr page and are on Facebook.

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