Oct. 8 2013 07:24 PM

Experimental group will have five albums out in 2013

Nathan Hubbard
Photo by Michael Klayman

Drummer and experimental musician Nathan Hubbard plans to close 2013 with two more Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed releases, bringing the grand total to five.

In April, following Hubbard's return after a year in Arizona, the genre-shifting combo released the first of five albums, titled New Encinitas, which bears a sonic mixture of jazz and hip-hop sounds. And last month, Hubbard & Co. released two more full-length digital albums. In an email, Hubbard describes album No. 2, Three Lifetimes in the Span of a Passing Train (Ambient Works Volume 1), as "two long tracks designed to lull your newborn baby to sleep.

"It works well on older babies, as well," he adds.

Meanwhile, the third album, Leftstump, is an archival recording from 1994 that never got an official release until this year and was released the same day as Three Lifetimes.

But there are still two Ogd_S(11) Translation Has Failed yet to see release before the calendar flips to 2014. The next in the series is In Pursuit of the Scarlet Woman, which Hubbard says is "a set of 'murder ballads' recorded around a campfire somewhere north of Julian." And the fifth and final album of the group's prolific year of new and archival music is Falling Too Slow, a collection of poetry and sung tracks that date back to 2004.

"This one is destined to be the sleeper of the bunch, unfortunately," he says. "It's my favorite so far."

In Pursuit of the Scarlet Woman and Falling Too Slow will be released in November, via bandcamp. The group will also play a record-release show on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Tin Can Ale House in Bankers Hill.

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