Oct. 15 2013 06:06 PM

Eros and Goldline battle for best new hair salon

Candice Peterman specializes is cool color at Goldline Salon.
Photo by Alex Zaragoza

Finding a good stylist is just as hard as finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, only more important because they dictate how good or how busted you'll look. If you're looking for a new stylist, here are two newer salons duking it out for the honor of frosting your tips.

Salon Eros (3205 Thorn St. in North Park) brings some big guns to this duel. The cool little spot, which opened a little more than a year ago, is airy and comfortable with a bright storefront and mellow atmosphere. The chill vibe is very much appreciated after years of being subjected to loud techno music while having some sullen waif chop into my hair.

I went in for a haircut by Jennifer Schadt, a tall, tattooed drink of water who's a dynamo with a pair of scissors. I tend to be one of those clients who, when asked what they want, reply, "Oh, I don't know. What do you think? Is that annoying that I'm asking you that?" I appreciate it when a stylist isn't bothered by that question and doesn't seek revenge by giving me a bowl cut.

Schadt was calm and patient. She took her time, offered me several suggestions and asked questions along the way to make sure I was happy with my hair. "I'm gonna make you look real good, girl," she assured, and she delivered. The cut was fun yet flattering and, even after some growth, maintained its shape.

While Eros brought enough heat to make a flat iron jealous, Goldline Salon (3009 Beech St. in South Park) gave it a major run for its money. I stopped in for a cut and color session with stylist Hashem Yassine and colorist Candice Peterman.

I was warmly greeted and offered a chilled glass of white wine. The salon also has beer on tap. I get a makeover while getting mildly tipsy? Sign this drunk bitch up!

Yassine was just as kind as Schadt with regard to my style uncertainty. Listen, I just want to have a cute cut that I don't have to flat iron, curl, blow-dry or even brush. Yes, I'm that lazy. He worked with me, and the cut he gave me was cute and edgy without being high-maintenance.

Afterward, he called Peterman over to talk about hair color. At other salons, I've seen stylists do this same thing with annoyed looks, completely ignoring my requests and keeping me out of the loop on my own hair. Not these two, though. They smiled and asked me for guidance and were 0-percent pretentious.

After deciding on golden highlights, I came back a few days later. Peterman poured me a yummy cup of coffee and went to work. She was super-sweet and made me feel comfortable the entire session. Bonus: My hair got tons of compliments for weeks.

Cuts and color are more than $50 at both salons. 

The winner: Though it was a tough call, I have to go with the awesome service and laid-back, wine-tastic vibe at Goldline.

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