Oct. 16 2013 03:34 PM

Hard-rockers end short run after guitarist bails

The Dirty Sirens: Christine Huber (left) and Monterey Salka

Local hard-rockers The Dirty Sirens are finished.

"We are dunzo. Sorry kids," the group, founded by vocalist Monterey Salka and guitarist Christine Huber, said on Twitter on Oct. 4. "Thanks to all who supported us on our short little journey."

Soon thereafter, the band took down its Facebook page.

In an email to CityBeat, Huber explains that the split wasn't a unanimous decision, but as primary songwriter in the band, she didn't want to keep going.

"There was no ‘breakup'—I quit," Huber says. "There is no band without me, just like there would be no band without Monterey."

Salka confirmed this via Facebook message, explaining that Huber's exit from the band came as an abrupt surprise.

"She quit the band via text message from L.A., where she has spent most of her time for the last few months, five hours before we were set to play our last show," Salka says.

Huber blames "mostly personal differences" for her decision to quit. "We both became submerged in two different lifestyles," Huber says, adding that she was doing "a fuck ton of drugs." After sobering up, however, Huber says she realized that she was unhappy with where the band was going and the personal toll it took.

"I realized suddenly that this wasn't working out, and hadn't been for a long while, and that's why I lashed out in the way that I did," she says.

With The Dirty Sirens a thing of the past, three-quarters of the band are likely to continue on with a new project. "[Drummer] Eric [Pietsch], [bassist] Mark [Delgado] and I are still planning on playing together in the future," Salka says.

Meanwhile, Huber plans to leave San Diego. "Now it's time for me to burn down another town with some vomit-inducing grungy stoner metal," she says.

The Dirty Sirens released one self-titled EP during their short time together, which is nominated for a 2013 San Diego Music Award for Best Hard Rock Album.

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