Art auctions always seem like one of the coolest things that rich people do. The last auction I went to, I parked my broke ass by the fancy cheese station and watched with a mouth full of gruyere as people dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on beautiful art. One day, when the world gets a clue and realizes that alt-weekly writers deserve to be millionaires, I'll be one of them.

While you might not have stacks of cash to drop on an original Pablo Picasso, you can buy work from talented San Diego artists at Oceanside Museum of Art's OMA Art Auction 2013, happening from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26, at the museum (704 Pier View Way in Oceanside).

OMA will sell art by Anna Stump, Flavia Gilmore, Anna Zappoli, James Hubbell, one-time CityBeat cover artist Dan Adams and many others. However, if you have a few extra bones, a Salvador Dali piece will hit the auction block, too.

More than anything, the auction offers an opportunity to see 130 interesting pieces by Southern California artists. Plus, there will be an open wine, beer and mojito bar, as well as appetizers to nibble on. That makes the $65 ticket a bit more worthwhile for the non-buyer.

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