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In last week's Best of San Diego Readers Poll, we accidentally left out the winners in the Best Produce Market category. The winner is (drum roll): North Park Produce! Honorable mention: Sprouts, Whole Foods, OB People's Co-op, Jimbo's...Naturally.

First things first

In your Oct. 2 editorial about the new main library, you write: "Now, we just need a new City Hall: a beautiful, living monument to democracy...."

Considering the state of democratic governance in San Diego, this must be subtle sarcasm. Can we please deal with some deferred maintenance projects first?

Michael Leonard-Creditor, La Jolla Editor's note: It was not sarcasm.

Finally, a new library

Regarding your Oct. 2 editorial about the new Downtown library: Yes, I remember those days when it was very uncertain if the library could move forward. I spoke at a council meeting, saying the old one was decrepit and an insult to our fine city, pledging $1,000, with another $1,000 toward maintenance if it were approved (which I did give). It's great to see it finished. Where I live (Park Terrace) backs to the site.

One thing you didn't mention is the new one has parking (free for library patrons for a certain time, maybe two hours, and longer and after-hours for a fee, after an operator is found), will have a cafe and does have many areas that can be rented to bring in money toward maintenance costs.

Jan Bourgeois, East Village

Residents tend to win

Regarding your Oct. 9 editorial about the Barrio Logan Community Plan: What you are missing is the power of the resident. Regulations change radically with people living within certain distances of industrial operations.

A shipyard uses some very noxious chemicals. (All you need to do is look at the workman's-comp rates for those workers.) A certain distance must be maintained from residential areas.

It will never be the new resident who must put up with the chemicals; it will always be the existing shipyard / industry that will be forced to modify operations. Let's not forget the issues at Fat City and Solar Turbines on Pacific Highway.

Bob Kay, Overlook Heights

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