Oct. 23 2013 10:45 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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A pair of tickets for a three-hour San Diego Whale Watch tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to crossword@sdcitybeat.com or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

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1. Vermont ski resort

6. British financial concern founded in China

10. Nexus competitor

14. "Sorry, Charlie"

16. Running bull

17. Name on the label of the world's most popular soft drink, until the year 2009

19. Brief albums, briefly

20. Rio Grande sch.

21. Company that insured Marlene Dietrich's legs

22. Koko who signs, e.g.

23. Many a tweeted remark

24. IcyHat, e.g.

32. City where Joan of Arc was burned at
the stake

33. Letter similar to a German Eszett

34. Japanese pitcher Hideo with two no-hitters

35. Weed wts.

36. Like the SATs

39. Brown, as it were

40. Things everywhere

42. Purim's month

43. Be equivalent, as results

45. Genre associated with LDS

48. Answers to "do you solve mots croisés?" from anyone reading this

49. Right on

50. Racks up

53. Rooney who played Lisbeth Salander

55. Major label broken up in 2012

58. Programming language created by Bill Gates and Woody Allen in the 1970s

61. Bit of sediment

62. Get more research data than needed, just to be safe

63. "This doesn't ___ well ..."

64. Military alliance that still doesn't include Russia

65. Americans, casually, to people outside the U.S.


1. 2012 Tony winner for Best Musical

2. Surgeon general under Reagan and Bush

3. Series conclusions: Abbr.

4. Leader repeatedly praised in the (doctored) Mandarin edition of Bill Clinton's "My Life"

5. Junk mail addressee

6. Robust

7. Giant play opening, e.g.?

8. Include secretly in an email, say

9. 2004 Kim Basinger thriller about a phone

10. "Just turn the knob"

11. Nosegay

12. Quite dry

13. GPs, e.g.

15. Place with key cards

18. Sacha Baron Cohen character

22. King's superior, often

23. Like Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

24. Step heavily

25. Moves very much unlike Jagger, more like sludge

26. Bond girl Galore

27. "The dude ___"

28. Kathmandu's country

29. Goes bad, in a way

30. Architect who turned 96 in April

31. Sine's reciprocal, in trig

37. Hyatt alternative

38. Body of water near St. Petersburg

41. Cause of problems

44. Proper place for a colon?

46. Prefix with trash and Disney

47. Librarian's transports

50. Site with casts

51. Robert De ___

52. Included on an email, not-so-secretly

53. Chandon's partner in expensive alcohol

54. Hairstyle on the cover of Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain"

55. Network that employed Rush Limbaugh for about two months

56. Oscar-winning Penn role

57. Prepares, as champagne

59. Fertility clinic cells

60. Popular Reddit feature, for short


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