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Alejandro Escovedo, Meat Puppets, Gloomsday and all the other bands we're excited about this week


Wednesday, Nov. 6

PLAN A: Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys, Amy Cook @ The Casbah. Alejandro Escovedo is the uncle of one-time Prince bandmate Sheila E, and brother to veteran San Diego musicians Javier and Mario Escovedo. He's a fine songwriter, too, so make sure to catch him strumming out some roots-rock classics. PLAN B: Diane Coffee, Thee Rain Cats, Chatlet @ The Void. Bay Area psych-pop group Foxygen have been going through a lot of drama this year, despite having released one of the year's first great records. While Foxygen cools off, however, band member Shaun Fleming is crafting lush indie pop of his own under the name Diane Coffee, which is strong enough to compete with the best tunes from his other band.

Thursday, Nov. 7

PLAN A: Meat Puppets, The World Takes @ Soda Bar. The Meat Puppets have had an interesting career, from starting out in the punk underground to landing a radio hit with "Backwater." But it's the strength of their ample catalog that made the Kirkwood brothers indie-rock legends. PLAN B: Mortals, Deep Sea Thunder Beast, Lazy Cobra @ Kensington Club. The three women in Mortals also play in an all-female Slayer cover band called Slaywhore. That's pretty awesome, and so is their dark, murky metal. BACKUP PLAN: Crocodiles, Wymond Miles, Heavy Hawaii @ The Casbah.

Friday, Nov. 8

PLAN A: Ilya, Modern Rifles, Machines Learning @ Soda Bar. Ilya recently emerged from a four-year hibernation, and they've got a new album in the works for 2014. Before that arrives, though, the band will offer up a sampling of their dark new dream-pop jams, as well as some old favorites at this comeback show. PLAN B: Old Man Wizard, Boy King, Gloomsday @ Tin Can Ale House. Click here for our feature on Gloomsday, a local duo with a booming rock sound who'll be joined by a pair of other kickass San Diego bands. BACKUP PLAN: Smoota, Rare Monk @ Bar Pink.

Saturday, Nov. 9

PLAN A: Blitzen Trapper, Alialujah Choir @ Porter's Pub. Blitzen Trapper caught my attention at SXSW in 2008, and since then, their melodies and hooks have only gotten better. Find out firsthand, just don't get lost on your way back to the UCSD parking lot. PLAN B: Shiva Trash, The Stalins of Sound, The Bloodtypes, Alphachannel @ The Void. Local machinepunk trio The Stalins of Sound are releasing a new album. Help celebrate by letting them assault you with sound.

Sunday, Nov. 10

PLAN A: Cults, Sacco, Mood Rings @ The Irenic. Brooklyn's Cults have roots in San Diego, plus a drummer—Cory Stier—who lives here, so if they're not technically local, the connection is strong. In any case, their reverb-heavy indie pop is a delight, no matter where you're listening to it. PLAN B: Clutch, The Sword, American Sharks, The Heathens @ House of Blues. For two decades, Maryland's Clutch have been imbuing the heavy sounds of Sabbath and Zeppelin with their unique, badass grooves and sense of humor. And in that 20 years, not much has changed—when it rocks this hard, it doesn't have to.

Monday, Nov. 11

PLAN A: "The Roots of Dubstep" feat. Mad Professor, Rafter with Castor & Pollux, Kill Quanti DJs. By now, dubstep isn't exactly new, but before kids in asymmetrical haircuts were waiting for the drop, Jamaican and British producers were laying its foundation through the effects-laden production of dub reggae. Mad Professor is a dub pioneer, and he's bringing his trippy, graduate-level lesson plan to our classroom. PLAN B: Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$ and Pro-Era, The Underachievers, Chevy Woods @ SOMA. Ab-Soul is part of Black Hippy, the same hip-hop collective that features fellow lyrical heavyweights Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, and his skills are just as finely honed, even if he doesn't have the same name recognition. BACKUP PLAN: Negative Approach, MDC, Nerve Control @ The Che Café.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

PLAN A: The Body, Author & Punisher, Diamond Lakes, DJ Slowd @ Soda Bar. Last week, I wrote about Author & Punisher, a local one-man industrial unit whose instruments are homemade and whose menacing doom sound is like no other. He'll be joined by headliners The Body, a Portland duo with an ominous sludge sound so massive, it'll make your teeth rattle. BACKUP PLAN: Quasi, Blues Control @ The Casbah.

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