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David Alvarez
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In last week's news story about super PACs in the mayor's race, Kelly Davis reported that the Environmental Health and Justice Campaign Fund, a committee supporting David Alvarez, is sponsored by the Environmental Health Coalition. That's incorrect. She also reported that the committee's received $27,000 in contributions, $25,000 of that from the Akonadi Foundation. It's only received $8,500, $7,500 of that from the president of the Akonadi Foundation. We apologize for the errors.

Not fair to Faulconer

Your Oct. 23 editorial, "David Alvarez for mayor" failed to make a compelling case against Kevin Faulconer and provided poor arguments defending Alvarez's serious lack of experience.

While I would never expect CityBeat to be impartial and under no circumstance endorse a Republican, your dismissal of Faulconer as a "paint-by-numbers Republican" who would simply be "an advocate for a well-heeled minority of San Diegans" is flawed because it provides no evidence to support these arguments. It's not credible to conclude that he's just another heartless Republican insensitive to the needs of average citizens without any proof. If he's truly this bad and this shallow, it should have been very easy for you to have cited a few examples to defend your position, but you provided none. Please explain to your readers why Faulconer's neighborhood fairness plan that focuses on "neighborhoods that have been neglected the longest" is just a gimmick to get votes and could not possibly reflect his true plans for the city.

Further, your argument that Alvarez's glaring lack of experience can easily be remedied by simply appointing "strong, experienced people in the roles of chief operating officer, chief financial officer and chief of staff" is completely absurd. What we need is a strong and experienced mayor! Most people who objectively assess Alvarez as a mayoral candidate will conclude that he is an impressive person with a bright future ahead of him, but he's clearly not ready or equipped to run the nation's eighth largest city with his almost three years of experience as a City Council member.

In classic CityBeat fashion, you simply chose the candidate who's the farthest to the left on the ideological spectrum and then backed into the reasons why this is the most logical choice while dismissing the Republican candidate by virtue of the fact that he is a Republican, without any analysis.

Richard Walker, La Jolla

Alvarez in it for himself

Regarding your Oct. 23 editorial endorsing David Alvarez for mayor of San Diego:

I live in Barrio Logan, a homeowner there for roughly 13 years now. Alvarez does not respond to constituent (my) emails about homeless issues and special-district fees.

The special district was rammed down our throats. He graciously permitted the homeless shelter to be set up permanently in our neighborhood. Trash builds in our alleys; the streets are rarely maintained, except for the high visibility of the new Northgate Market area. It seems the homeless camp at the end of Newton will be there forever; the area around it reeks of urine. Homeless people defecate against my car and in our alley. Our neighborhood is gentrifying not due to the effort of pols but due to low-cost rental housing with artists and creative types moving in.

It was such an odd juxtaposition to see the high art Trolley Dances in our neighborhood in the day and homeless people sleeping in their own urine in the same place only hours later.

Having been in the neighborhood since Juan Vargas, Ralph Inzunza, Ben Hueso and now Alvarez, I see an unbroken chain of pols in it for their own advantage, not for the neighborhood or its residents. David Alvarez is a weak choice for mayor.

Dave Heaney, Barrio Logan

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