Nov. 6 2013 11:24 AM

Weekly crossword by Ink Well Xwords


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A pair of tickets for a three-hour San Diego Whale Watch tour will be awarded weekly. Email a picture of your answers to or fax it to 619-325-1393. Limit one win per person per 30 days. 

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1. Language of many Buddhist texts

5. Soft-shelled food, perhaps

9. Moved inconspicuously

14. Word after breast or testicular

15. Pint that may be weisse

16. Trendy diet modeled after the ostensible habits of cavemen

17. Space opera starring Kanye as Jar Jar and Fergie as C-3PO?

20. Moon with Ewoks

21. Citation abbr.

22. Winter shot targets

23. Starts to attract flies, say

25. Attend

27. Channel with programming such as "The Real Lunch Ladies of Lincoln Middle School"?

33. Into underground stuff

34. Flowery band

35. Perfect places

37. ___ U

38. Not fully soft, as shells

41. Orchestra's locale

42. Vibe

44. Emulate pigeons

45. Tops

46. VIPs at a printer convention in Prague one week, Paris the next?

50. Polite permission request

51. Obama campaign concept

52. As well

55. Taj Mahal city

57. Cold War weapons

61. Cream that proto-Nissan owners had to apply to their vehicles on summer days?

64. One may be snaked

65. Foul-mouthed 1950s heartthrob Paul

66. Bart and Lisa's driver

67. Pull

68. America, Europe, etc., with "the"

69. "Good thing we locked the door before the monster got in"


1. Animated skunk Le Pew

2. Nerve cell transmitter

3. "Columbo" law enforcement gp.

4. Words delivered with a hangdog expression

5. Letters for a gap in the schedule

6. Cuffed

7. Play group?

8. Delightful time?

9. Beach hero's skill

10. Content of a certain trendy diet

11. Major Middle Eastern airline

12. South American country with a red-and-white flag

13. Prepare, as a kind of salad

18. Disney movie about a hacker

19. Scores

24. Poker player's giveaway

26. Like Wes Anderson movies

27. A total ten, spelled slangily

28. Disney character with no legs

29. Autobiography written with Kurt Loder

30. Cheyenne Woods, to Tiger

31. Cars sold at auction, casually

32. Dog in heat?

36. Editor's "it's fine after all"

38. One may be gray

39. "I'm good"

40. WWII leader sentenced to death in 1948

43. Gradual absorption

45. Admitted wrongness

47. Vice presidential runner-up Paul

48. Horror film villain with sadistic puzzles

49. Like some fails

52. Throws in

53. "Tomb Raider" protagonist Croft

54. "Sit!" relative

56. Letter from millennia ago

58. Kiss hit

59. Dole (out)

60. Flakes because it's cold?

62. ___ Chicago Grill

63. Served, as on a committee


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